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Taking up Photography from Hobby to Profession

Author: Aaft School of Cinema
by Aaft School of Cinema
Posted: Jan 12, 2018
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Capturing different shades of life through a lens is an art in itself. Gone are the days when Photography was considered just as a hobby, today it is established as a high-yielding profession. With its application in different strata of fields, it opens vast employment opportunities for the aspirants.

Today, this art is useful for almost every sector; be it publication, fashion, digital, cinema, journalism, sports, wedding and events, advertising, wildlife, food, forensic, etc. To make a successful career in this domain, the foremost thing that an individual needs to acquire is the craft of holding still camera. This career option is a blend of technical knowledge and creativity. Students can pursue Photography courses in Delhi to add technical specialization and understand the functioning of camera as well as the influencing factors such as lighting, aperture, etc.

The ability to define things at a particular moment with amazing precision is the thing that makes this profession very special. It is about procuring that one shot which is distinguished and portrays a story in itself. While it may be a hobby for many, those who really want to make a career in this field should have in-depth understanding of different techniques relevant to the industry professionally. Aspiring students can join a course in this domain after completing their senior secondary education, i.e., 12th standard. They can opt for Diploma or an undergraduate course in this domain. On completion of the courses, they can pursue a specialized Masters course or work under an established photographer to gain experience. A distinctive portfolio acts as a catalyst in entering the industry and show photographic skills in the real working conditions.

Listed among the best photography institute in Delhi, AAFT School of Cinema provides aspirants with a platform to gain the necessary on-job training and technical operational skills through its intensive training sessions, seminars and guest lectures. It provides students with the opportunity to shoot in professional studios and take a step to create an alluring and valuable portfolio. Since entertainment industry and photography are closely related, it also endows students with the cinematic style of photography to instill in them the relevant skills required in cinematographic photography.

Hence, these courses open gateway of career opportunities for students who are determined to establish themselves as working professionals in this industry. It is only the knowledge of technical aspects and visual creativity that draws line between photographing for hobby or as a professional.

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