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Ideal Locations of Toilet as per Vastu

Author: Gaurav Gupta
by Gaurav Gupta
Posted: Jan 23, 2018
per vastu In Vastu Shastra, facing of the toilet has no relevance at all. Only toilet seat in a particular direction, as per Vastu creates a certain effect, and that is of Disposal, and this actually called as Vastu for toilet seat facing. Toilets or Bathrooms at the wrong place can create the most turmoil in the life of the residents of a house. A toilet as per Vastu or MahaVastu should be ideally in the MahaVastu Zone of Disposal, i.e., the South-South-West or the South of South-West. This is the ideal toilet location, as per Vastu. However, according to MahaVastu, besides this, there are other areas as well, where toilets do not cause any harm and if placed in those directions/zones, it will never cause any harm to the residents. Rather, it will result in adding benefits in the lives of the residents. This is how vastu strengthens the bond of love and trust.

The angular area between South and South-West or the South-South-West (SSW) is the Zone of Disposal and since "Disposal of Waste" is the basic functionality of a toilet; hence, Vastu/MahaVastu Experts across the globe prescribe toilet/s in this zone only, and so this zone is also considered to be the best toilet position as per vastu.

The other good locations or zones, as per Vastu for a Toilet or Bathroom in a house are the East of South-East or the East-South-East, which is called as the MahaVastu Zone of Anxiety & Analysis and the West of North-West or the West-North-West, an angular area between West and North-West MahaVastu zones, also known as the Zone of Depression or Detoxification. These are some of the valuable Vastu tips for bathroom & toilet.

Toilets in any other vastu zone will dispose of the beneficial property of that zone where it is located. For example, toilet in the North zone of your home will dispose of new opportunities and a Toilet in North-East will dispose of your clarity of mind and can even cause chronic illnesses. Therefore, most of the Vastu/MahaVastu Experts are of the opinion that a Toilet in North-East has no remedy or cure, as per Vastu and it should be demolished.

Fortunately, MahaVastu has remedies which can be applied to correct the Vastu defects in a house or even if the toilet/s or bathroom/s are located in the wrong Vastu zone/s, and all these can be done without demolitions.

For example, a toilet in the South-East Vastu Zone or the best Vastu remedy for South-East toilet is by putting a Red coloured metal strip on the floor beneath the toilet seat. For more information on this subject & consultation, consult a Vastu/MahaVastu Expert by just clicking

Similarly, a toilet in the South-West Vastu zone, or a South-West toilet Vastu remedy is by putting a Yellow coloured metal strip on the floor beneath the toilet. Thus, the position of a Toilet/s in house according to Vastu is of utmost importance & great significance.

About the Author

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, born to teacher parents at Rama, a small town in Punjab on 12th March, 1972, is globally renowned for propagating the “MahaVastu- Hindu Living Philosophy” based on his extensive research on Vastu Shastra and Yoga Philosophy.

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