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Tips To Deal With Cracked Or Smashed Car Windscreen

Author: Anna Lampasona
by Anna Lampasona
Posted: May 16, 2018

Windscreens are a crucial part of the modern vehicles. Gone are those days where the windscreens were considered just as panes of glass to protect the driver from the environment. The advancements in technology have pushed things forward. And there are more than one function to the front glass now.

Windscreen serves as the structural support of the car. The outer frame is designed to hold the weight of the glass. In some vehicles, sensors are also attached to the windscreen, allowing them to integrate even to the electronics of the car.

Your car also needs a windscreen to help support the roof in a crash rollover situation. So, it is vital to seek car windscreen replacement in Sydney if you have it broken or damaged.

It Is Safe To Drive When The Car Windscreen Is Damaged?

It is never safe to drive your car without a windscreen even to a short distance. Large cracks or smashed glass may prohibit the view of the road. Moreover, there are chances the small pieces of glass entering the car hurting you and your passengers, leading to a more serious accident.

Do’s And Don'ts When Your Car Windscreen Is Chipped Or Cracked:


  • Try to measure the length of the crack and intimate your company, they will let you know if it can be repaired.
  • Try to tape the areas of the crack to reduce the risk of glass pieces entering the car.
  • If the crack is in the line of your sight, immediately go for affordable windscreens replacement cost in Sydney.


  • Do not ignore a large crack or chip, this may lead to a big accident.
  • Don’t park your vehicle in direct sunlight, which may make the situation worse.
  • Running an air conditioner or a defroster at high can insert more pressure in the cracks. So avoid them.
  • Do not slam doors and also avoid rocky and uneven roads.
  • Don’t pressure wash the car.
  • Do not fix the cracks or chips without the assistance of a professional. Only a licensed professional will know to handle windscreen replacement safe.

Windscreen Replacement and Its Cost:

Replacing your cars’ windscreen is not a child's play. It is a matter of safety. Do not do it yourself. Car glass seals, glues, primers and the glass itself must be handled with care to make the glass, road-safe. The car windscreen replacement cost in Sydney is also affordable and will fit in your budget. Always ensure you take the help of a professional who uses different tools and with his skills fix the problem efficiently and safely.

The author has more than 25 years of proficiency in car windscreen replacement in Sydney. He also offers mobile windscreen repair and replacements to fix problems quickly and conveniently. Visit for details.

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We are a family owned business that employs a team of windscreen technicians. Our fitters are very experienced and are capable of working on cars from early classics to the latest models, including prestige and sports cars.

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