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21 Impressive Ways To Keep Your Mattress Looking Like New

Author: Alex Lopez
by Alex Lopez
Posted: May 26, 2018
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After a long day at work, all of us need a peaceful sleep for some time. To have a sound sleep what we need is a soothing environment and a comfortable bed. Everybody has got a mattress to sleep in but most of them are careless about it. This carelessness can lead to certain diseases about which we are unaware. So cleaning the mattress frequently is necessary to maintain proper hygiene.

Here are some ways which we can follow to give our mattress a brand new look:-

  1. Use mattress protector: - Every night the mattress soaks your sweat and can get tough stains due to spillage or any other reason. After a few months it can become a breeding ground for germs, dust and allergens. Using a mattress protector can help cope up with the problem.
  2. Use a strong base:-A perfect bed frame is a must to provide the mattress a good base. The base must be strong and of a correct size.
  3. Flip and toss the mattress:-Turn the mattress upside down every month so that the wear is spread uniformly.
  4. Deep clean with vacuum cleaner: - Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner is one of the best solutions whenever you turn or rotate it to avoid dust mites and stains. Steam cleaning a mattress once a month is also a good option.
  5. Prevent your kids from jumping over the mattress:-Your kids should never jump on a spring mattress or else it could show signs of prematurely sagging.
  6. Do not let pets play on your mattress:-Pets are another issue which should be avoided to get up on your sleeping mattress. Make a separate place for them to sleep, don’t let them interrupt your sleep.
  7. Do not keep furry stuff: - Keep bunnies and teddies away from your bed as the furry stuffs can make your mattress untidy.
  8. Always use a bed sheet:-Another most important thing is using a bed sheet over your mattress and getting it clean every week.
  9. Take necessary precautions:-A mattress protector is not able to keep your mattress clean unless you care about the stains and spills. A strong will to keep the mattress clean in necessary.
  10. Use detergents:-Use detergents in warm water to soak the spills and wash it. Make it completely dry before putting the protector and the sheet on it.
  11. Do not roll:-Never try to roll up the mattress as it can cause distortion and creases. Always keep it upright as it is important to maintain the shape of the mattress to keep it cozy.
  12. Take care while transporting:-Always put the mattress in a plastic cover whenever you are changing your location.
  13. Use impenetrable zippers:-Bed bugs are our worst enemy, so to keep them away use encasement with impenetrable zippers.
  14. Maintain low temperatures:-Try to maintain cool temperature in your bedroom to avoid dirt accumulation and dry up stains faster.
  15. Do not over soak:-Never over soak the mattress while you are washing it or it may ruin the structure of your mattress. Go for mattress steam or dry cleaner.
  16. Wash off the pillow case:-Along with the bed sheet, it is mandatory to wash off the pillowcases and linen to reduce allergens growth.
  17. Keep your mattress under sunlight:-Keeping the mattress under the sunlight is the most suitable way to ward off moisture and dust mites.
  18. Let some fresh air in:-Leave the doors and windows open every morning to circulate the air inside the room.
  19. Using sanitizing sachet:-Place a mattress-sanitising sachet under the bed sheet to prevent the mattress from absorbing odours.

20. Cleaning the bed frame:- Remove Dust Mites from Mattress, clean the bed frame often and keep the mattress back to its place.

21. Keeping the windows close:-Do not forget to close the windows while you are away from your house as sudden storms can bring dust into your room.

Keep these cleaning methods in mind and maintain it accordingly to have sweet dreams every night.

Professional mattress cleaning services:-

Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne is one of the most effective ways to get your mattresses clean and tidy. The suction system completely extracts dust and fungus. It also deodorizes the fabric. Marks Mattress Cleaning is a reliable source of mattress cleaning servicing. They are the best in their field. They use state of the art technology to give your mattresses a new look.

Here are a few reasons why you must hire them:-

  • Anytime stain and spot treatment service with 24*7 hours availability.
  • Expert technicians with in depth knowledge.
  • Advance equipment and detergents.
  • Eco friendly chemical use.
  • Flexible services even on weekends and holidays.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Sanitization and deodorization too.

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