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5 Quick Benefits of Using Linux hosting India

Author: Avinash Mittal
by Avinash Mittal
Posted: Jun 25, 2018

Linux hosting uses operating system, which is called Linux on the server. It refers to web hosting services that are based on server which is running the Linux operating system. A large number of businesses are using Linux shared hosting these days. Reason being, it is simple, more secure, affordable, free to use and modify. This operating system provides a free, open source choice. Developed in 1991 as a free operating system, it has now become one of the most popular open source operating systems available in today’s market.

Here are 5 key benefits of using Linux hosting in India.

Easy and Simple

Going ahead with other benefits, Linux hosting is known for its simplicity. In most of the cases, Linux seems to be easier and more user-friendly when compared with Windows hosting. Since it has the ability to use MySQL, Perl and PHP, it is a very easy system to use.

Affordable Cost

It’s not wrong to say that cost is one of the most significant benefits of choosing Linux hosting platform. Being an open source platform, it lets you have a hosting platform without paying any amount as there is no charge for using it for your hosting. This enables hosting companies to keep their price lower when compared with the cost of Windows hosting. Besides a Linux based hosting also has many free and popular scripts, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and many others.

Robust Security

Security is another important concern of the Linux shared hosting. It’s the most significant benefits of using this platform. This open operating system is known for ensuring tight security measures. All data, and confidential documents and files are safe. Because the administrative privileges to access are not shared with every person, it is safe and less disposed to online attacks.

The Linux operating system is considered to have time and time again to be more secure than any other platforms available in the market.

Flexible in Nature

The Linux shared hosting enables you to do many things like creating a blog, developing a website and designing multimedia applications, forums or any other online entity. The Linux platform features a GNU that stands for General Public License. GNU means you can use Linux hosting with different distributions like Red Hat, SUE Linux and Ubuntu. It makes it much more flexible than other operating systems.

Enhanced Reliability

Because Linux is one of the first operating systems developed by experts, it has the property to ensure better reliability than Windows. Discuss the reliability of Linux shared hosting with those who are using it. They are the right people to let you know the reliability. In fact, Linux is much better.


Plenty of benefits come with the Linux servers. They are more stable and don’t require rebooting. If you want to the Linux operating system, look for a reliable hosting company. This simple, easy to use, secure, and advanced type of hosting solutions make it easy for anybody to get started with a blog or website.

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Avinash is a technical person who likes to write about anything that is directly or remotely connected to technology. From the stories of hardcore techniques, with the overall effectiveness of technology in life.

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