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How to Get Rid of Roaches?

Author: Alex Lopez
by Alex Lopez
Posted: Jul 08, 2018

Once cockroach finds its way inside your home, in a matter of weeks it can multiply to hundreds. So it is better to take care of the roach problem in the early stages.

This creepy pest not only snacks on your food, damages electronic but also spread disease pathogens. As a matter of fact just restrict the entry of the roaches into your home and you won’t to have to deal with problem of exterminating them. Here are some pest control measures to get rid of the wasps and roaches.

Fix any water leaks

More than food cockroaches need water to survive. The best way to get rid of these creepy pest is by cutting out their water supply. Fix any leaks in your house to drive these pest out. Roaches can survive for months without food but can live only up to a week without water. After eliminating the source of water roaches will fall for any liquid bait set out for them.

2. Keep your house clean

Cockroaches usually invade homes that have food lying around. If plenty of food is available for the roaches, they make it their home and lay hundreds of eggs. Keeping the house clean is the key to keep roaches out. Don’t leave behind any food crumbs and clean up immediately after spilling anything. Also, do the dishes after meal and store food after eating. And, keep the kitchen counters clean as roaches love grease.

3. Use air tight containers to store food

If you are to store leftovers do it in airtight container or simply store it in a refrigerator. Uncovered food and beverage is open invitation to roaches. Also, don’t leave the dirty dishes overnight.

4. Mop the floor

A routine moping of the floor ensures all the food crumbs and spills are cleaned thoroughly. While mopping make sure not to splash drops of water on the walls as roaches need water more than food.

5. Manage Trash

Make sure to use a trash can with a tight lid and also take out the trash regularly. Doing this will eliminate any possible sources of food for the roaches to snack on.

If the cockroaches have already invaded you house, don’t worry you can get rid of them using the following pest control methods.

You can find many options of baits to kill the cockroaches in any marts. Placement of the bait plays a significant role to attract the roaches towards it. Keep the bait near to the nest so that more cockroaches eat it and also take it back to their nest.

Make cockroach bait at home by mixing equal part of boric acid, flour and white sugar. Boric acid kills the roaches whereas sugar and flour serve as bait. Sprinkle the mixture in cockroach prone areas such as under the refrigerator, behind cabinet and under the sink. Make sure to keep the mixture away from kids and pets.

Another easy way to kill the roaches is by spraying them with soap and water solution. Mix any light soap with water and pour it in a spray can. Shake well before using it. Make sure you spray the solution on the cockroaches’ head or abdomen to kill it.

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