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Why HRIS system On Cloud is better than On Premises?

Author: Sanjay Mehra
by Sanjay Mehra
Posted: Sep 01, 2018
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When you plan to automate your HR functions, your first debate would be whether to go with Cloud HRIS system or On-Premise HRIS system??

These acronyms have confused many in the industry as vendors, marketing professionals and analysts seem to interchange the use of these terms when marketing their technology solutions. Many business leaders struggle to understand the difference between these terms and how each area can influence the way they do business. There’s even a lack of harmony within the industry itself.

This is a question which haunts every businessman and one you have to finalize definitely before looking at the options available.

Human Resource Information System or HRIS in short, is an integrated system which

  • Recruitment, Training and Employee Onboarding
  • Attendance and Leave Management
  • Payroll Software Management
  • Performance and Appraisal Management

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If you have taken the decision to automate your HR processes then let us help you to compare Cloud vs On-Premise HRIS software.Analyze the following with the help of below infographic & know yourself why cloud HRIS system is better than On-Premise

How On Cloud HRIS system can be more Beneficial than On Premise HRIS system??

  • No additional infrastructure and maintenance cost
  • Encrypted database for better data security
  • Reduce manpower dependency
  • Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people
  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure
  • No need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees
  • You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier
  • Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times
  • Less personnel training is needed
  • Flexibility to change/update to newer version
  • Easy installation process without the requirement of an IT team
  • Work in a more cost-effective and flexible way without sacrificing feature sets and continuous innovations
Are you looking for the perfect cloud-based HRIS system?

Using systems that are designed to consolidate many different aspects of HR in one place improves usability, increases efficiency, reduces operational costs, and strengthen security exponentially. With the growth in your business, you have more needs and so having an easy and secure HR system is a must.

Then do check out factoHR – a sure shot way of saving your time, resources and to cut costs. If you have an automated HRIS system, you can leverage your human assets and productive hours to improve your business and don’t have to concentrate on tedious paperwork, filing and data management.

About the Author

Sanjay Mehra is Deputy incharge in workforce management houston with an experience of 8 years in federal department of workforce.

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Author: Sanjay Mehra

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