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Decoding the Key to Prepare and Crack IIT JEE

Author: Praveen Tyagi
by Praveen Tyagi
Posted: Nov 21, 2018
iit jee

Only few months are to go until the IIT JEE start. Those who will crack this exam will open the gate of better avenues for their future. Though these examinations are not a piece of cake but with the art of effective learning, it can be easily achieved. Those aspirants who wish to clear IIT JEE must have strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So, here are few tried and tested tips to crack IIT JEE at ease.

Time Management

IIT JEE preparation starts from class IX in advance. The moment you start your preparation, you should learn to manage your time efficiently. How is it possible? Create your own time table allotting time to each subject as required. Learn to avoid distractions while you are studying and say no to other activities. When you are studying, it should be studying only. No matter how tempted you feel to go out and enjoy with your friends, do not forget that time never comes back. Your time table should include enough time for breaks so that you do not drain yourself. Just remember great things are not achieved by procrastination. Do not keep off things to a later time. If possible, turn important things in to habits and dedicate some time to each activity.

Schedule Things

When the notification of tentative dates of IIT exam is released, start planning your daily activities. Create a diary of events date-wise and do not be tough on yourself. It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with the examination. Take periodical breaks after some intervals whenever you feel tired and get complete sleep. Sleeping for minimum 7-8 hours is important to keep yourself rejuvenated.

Understand the Syllabus

To get familiarized with IIT JEE Main & Advanced, go through the previous year question papers. It will help you understand the pattern of the paper. Few types of questions have more weightage than the others. Focus on those concepts to score great marks. Pick a topic for any day and solve different problems on it strengthening knowledge over it.

There are many previous year question papers & mock tests present over internet. Practice those papers and manage your time efficiently identifying your strong areas and weak areas.

Conceptual Study

When you are preparing for IIT JEE Main & Advanced exam, self study is an important part exam preparation. Try to learn new concepts every day in all the 3 subjects. It increases your chances of securing great rank in IIT JEE.

Once you have set up a study schedule, next thing to work upon is problem-solving. Since there is no bounds on solving the number of questions related to a particular topic, it helps you to increase your foothold in that particular topic. When you have solved practical problems on a topic, compare it with its solution. Compare your answer with the solution and use it as a tool to measure your performances.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

When you practice previous year question papers, you tend to understand the trend that examination experts use to set the papers. Try to decode if additional weightage is given to some particular concept or they prefer some numerical and derivatives. After getting some idea, you can concentrate on those points or concepts or numerical or derivates to get you high score.

When you take mock tests or practice previous year question papers, confidence level will be boosted and you will master the skills of tackling the similar problems during examination.

Real-Time Tests

In this digital age, there are many platforms where you can attempt online tests. Practice, practice and practice again. The more time is spent on solving questions and practice mock tests, more knowledge you acquire. You will get a fair idea how real question paper appears and you will be in a great position to complete the question paper in time.

Since Rome wasn’t build in a day, so cracking IIT JEE overnight is also not a result of overnight studies. Cracking IIT takes many months of preparation and tipping into books and when the final day has arrived, it’s time to show your efforts on paper. Here are few important points to ponder while you aim to crack IIT JEE and start studying for it:

Create a Timetable

Allot equal hours of study for each subject. A subject may seem cakewalk to you but it doesn’t mean you should neglect the subject. Your timetable should include revision time too for all the subjects. Also, insert short breaks periodically.

Set a Time Frame

It’s an important thing to keep in mind that you must not spend extra time to answer any question. To complete the examination paper in time, don’t put extra time on any subject. It results into having lesser time for other sections. Try to finish each question within stipulated time.

Concepts First

Do not approach a topic without understanding the concepts first. If you have understood the concepts clearly, only then you will be able to attempt the entire syllabus at its best. You should be clear on the basics of all the topics and seek clarity over even the smallest doubts instantly.

Conceptual Approach to Solving Problems

Read the question paper carefully and completely. It helps you understand what you are about to do. Is it about proving a theorem or deriving some formula? Look at each question from concept point of view and then start working on it.

Active Lifestyle

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. When you sit to create your time table, be sure to allot enough time to various activities at leisure; it can be walking, listening to music, watching funny videos or playing some sports. Do not avoid your diet and sleep with a dream of acing and topping the exam. You should be able to maintain the balanced-lifestyle contributing to your overall performance and success. If you are a student who is comfortable with burning midnight oil, then only do it.


When you prepare your study schedule, you should stick to it and follow it rigorously. Initially, it may sound difficult to follow the time table, and your mind may be wondering. Do not let it turn into a habit over the years. Sticking to a time table or schedule may take few days’ time but once you achieve it, you will be in the top line.

Involve yourself in smart work instead of hard work. If you have set aside few hours for Mathematics subject, use smart techniques to grasp the important points and revise the concepts. Also, keep in mind that you should not cover a single topic in a stretch of 3-5 hours. Smart work always pays off.

Do Not Cram

Cramming doesn’t help you to crack IIT JEE with top score. First, you need to understand the theory, later you can proceed to numerical & practical problems.

Stay Positive

Initially, you might get disturbed at the vastness of the syllabus. Stay positive and confident when you’re preparing for the exam and have a keen attitude for learning new things every day. Show energy in everything you do, you learn and you attempt. It will make your preparation journey enjoyable.

Keep the Latest Syllabus

It’s always a good idea to keep the latest & updated syllabus with you for the best outcomes. Create your own checklist of the topics and tick off proceeding to learn the next topic.

IIT JEE preparation takes lots of time and efforts. With zeal and determination, you can definitely achieve it. In case you’re looking for online mock tests for IIT JEE, check out PACE IIT & Medical now.

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Praveen Tyagi is the owner of Pace and love to share information about education system in India.

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