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3 Tips to Focus at the Table 2018

Author: James Strider
by James Strider
Posted: Nov 29, 2018

To win anything you need skills and Focus, A good custom poker tables player should have focus for extended periods of time.

During sessions focus will increase your game win rate and you will become a good player.

Below are the 3 good tips that will increase the chances of success.

1 Phone

Now a days the phone is the biggest distraction and because of constantly checking phone it becomes addiction.

Checking phone while playing will distract and when you lose the focus the chances of losing game rise.

To stay focused you need to silent or turn off the phone.

2 Break

When playing live poker tournaments you get break for hour or two so take these breaks in your advantages.

Take a moment and stand up walk, Relax your mind and this will help you stay focused.

In break you can check your phone for any important notifications.

3 Meditating

In this world the most successful people do meditation to clear the mind and relax. So if you are poker player you should meditate to relax yourself.

Meditation will help more the live poker players as they have to face many distraction and meditation will keep them calm.

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Author: James Strider

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