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Why to chose a straight razor

Author: William Berg
by William Berg
Posted: Dec 08, 2018
straight razor

Relatively few men are using straight razors. This is sad because straight razors are far superior to disposable razors and other types of commonly used razors. Most men can save a lot of money by switching to a straight razor and get a better, closer shave as an added bonus. Straight razors were very rare a few years ago. This is fortunately changing. More and more young men are discovering the benefits of straight razors. James bonds have played an important role in making straight razors popular again. The famous scene in Casino Royal where Moneypenny is shaving bond with a straight razor showed that straight razors are cool.

Below we are going to look a little bit closer at why you should consider buying a straight razor.

The greener option

Using disposable razors are not very green. You use the blade and throw it away. Each blade in small but billions of blades are used each year and it produces a lot of waste each year. Waste that contains razor blades that can hurt animals if they end up in nature and that makes the garbage dump into a more dangerous place. Producing the blades requires a lot of energy, so do transporting the blades to the retail store and your home. The carbon footprint of each razor blade is surprisingly high when you calculate everything that goes into making razor blades such as the Gillette Fusion or Mach 3

A straight razor is a lot greener alternative since it does not use any disposable blades.

Last forever

A high-quality straight razor will last the rest of your life. You will never have to buy a new razor in your life. As long as you take care of your razor it will last long enoug for your grandchildren to use it. Taking care of your razor is easy, all you have to do is oil the blade and use a leather strap regularly. The longevity of a straight razor is the main reason why they are such good, green option.

Save a lot of money

Using a straight razor is a lot cheaper than using disposable razors. Buying a straight razor can be rather expensive. A high-quality razor will often set you back USD 250 or more. This might sound very expensive but it really isn't. Buying a straight razor is a one time expense. Using disposable razor is a running expense. It does not take a long time before you spend more on disposable razors than it would cost to buy a good straight razor. Most men spend USD 20 a month or more on razor blades. Gillette Fusion5 8 blades refill cost USD 21 on Amazon. If you use one such package each month. IE if you change the blade every four days. Then you will spend USD 252 a year on razor blades. This is enough money to buy a good straight razor. You will recoup your entire investment during the first 12 months. But the straight razor will last at least ten years, more likely for the rest of your life. If your straight razor lasts a mere ten years, you will save USD 2250 by switching to a straight razor.

A better shave

The main reason to switch to a straight razor is the result one and get when you use one. A straight razor provides a better, closer shave than any other type of shaving. Using a straight razor can also help prevent skin irritation from shaving. The sharper edge provides a cleaner cut that irritates the skin less. If you have a problem with skin irratation due to shaving then Ia straight razor recommend that you try a straight razors.

It is also important to remember that a straight razor is sexier to use than a disposable razor. It feels more sensuall to use one and it looks a lot sexier to your wife and girlfriend. They will enjoy seeing you shave and will love the close shave you get as a result.

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