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Overview of Roku express plus

Author: Prasad Kumar
by Prasad Kumar
Posted: Jan 11, 2019

Basically, the Roku players are loved by everyone for their simple setup process and one of the famous players is Roku express plus, user-friendly interface and tons of Roku streaming services they offer to Roku users, they steal the light by providing many channels that entertain people such as amazon, Netflix, and many more which other competitors fail to provide.

Roku devices require Roku account activation which needs Roku activation code to watch your favorite channels on your favorite device, you will get the access to watch all the channels only when your Roku account activation is completed.

In order to complete you should have a clear idea of Roku activation code and what Is Roku com link? the guidelines will be provided with the device, in case if you miss it and do not know how to access Roku account then you can seek help from customer service for Roku.

Roku activation code is required for activation and after receiving the Roku activation code you have to make a note of it and then enter the Roku activation code in the Roku com link enter code tab, the Roku code link can help to activate Roku account very easily and one can enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows.

Roku express plus is the recent device that is released from Roku which is bought by many of the Roku users and is running with ultimate reviews from Roku customers, and there are also many reasons why this little device has gained lot of craze.

There are also comparisons made between the Roku express and Roku express plus, all the devices will be having the pros and cons and few are mentioned below:

If you are using a old television the Roku express plus will be the perfect choice because the Roku device will come with analog AV cable with red, white, and yellow plugs, no worries there are also HDMI ports available.

As said earlier Roku express plus will be the best choice to stream some of the big names like HULU, YouTube, and many more channels, the only drawback is that while using the device you will not be able to connect with an ethernet connection.

The basic steps to be followed to setup Roku express plus:

Firstly, connect your TV and Roku device with the HDMI cable or AV cable and it depends on the television type that you are using.

When you switch on the TV and Roku express plus you can see the Roku logo on your screen and a red light in the front part of the device flashing.

The language settings should be done carefully as you have to choose a language type and click on the ok button to go for next steps or to proceed further.

The network setup, when you are asked to pickup a network then you have to pick the wireless network and connect with one of the networks that is available from the list and has to tap on WEP or WPA passphrase in order to connect.

If you do not find any network then you can just tap on scan again to see all the network options.

Moving forward you have to type on the scan again to see the network option and you have to tap on the connect option once you type the credentials that are required to be entered.

Roku account activation also requires some of the credentials, the most important one is the Roku activation code which is to be entered in a Roku com link code tab.

If you are facing difficulties in receiving the Roku activation code or while entering in Roku com link tab then you can contact customer service for Roku as the Roku tech support team comes into existence and helps you in resolving the Roku trouble shooting issues.

When you hook up Roku express plus on the wireless network, the most recent software that is available will download automatically without your knowledge.

Sometimes try to reboot your streaming device and proceed with the remaining process to complete the Roku setup process in a successful manner.

When coming to the display settings, you can either tap on the set display button or type the option for proper display resolution.

Leave your device to identify the best resolution for itself and then if you wanted to setup the display after completing the process then you have to tap on settings and also click the display type of your choice.

Create a Roku account:

Firstly, you have to generate a Roku account and then like your Roku express plus with the Roku account.

For this you have to activate your Roku account by logging into the account with the help of Roku activation code.

The Roku activation code that is generated should be entered in the Roku com link and click on ok button to activate Roku account.

The Roku account is very necessary to get hold of your channel purchases.

The directives of the Roku express plus device activation will be shown on your television itself and then you can see the Roku activation code which is to be entered on the Roku com link.

For this you can make use of the mobile phone or computer and then you have to type the Roku activation code on the webpage to find some of the useful prompts for a successful device activation.

You can gear up with some of the best on-demand contents on your favorite Roku device Roku express plus.

If you are facing any of the issues regarding Roku activation code or Roku stick activation issues then you can contact customer service for Roku or you can dial Roku tech support for help in order to resolve all the Roku trouble shooting issues.


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Roku is an electronic streaming device which enables you to stream your favorite movies, TV channels and shows to your TV via the internet.

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