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NORA – Preventing scams all over the world.

Author: William Berg
by William Berg
Posted: Feb 03, 2019
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Have you ever heard of NORA? You haven't? You are not alone. Almost no one who works outside national security or in the security department of a big casino has ever heard of NORA. So who, or what is NORA? NORA is a piece of security software sold by IBM Relationship Resolution that saves casinos countless millions every year. It is also used to save lives and prevent terrorist attacks.

NORA is an acronym that stands for Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness software. It is a software that can find and alert security about potential security risks that otherwise can be hard to see. NORA is able to connect different things in a way that a human can not. She can scan camera feeds and other information against databases of known cheaters, discover if anything seems out of order based on the information to which she has access. She can alert security if someone who is not an employee entered an employee only zone or if a known cheater entered the casino.

The national security agency uses her in a similar way to prevent terrorist attacks and other security risks. NORA can be used to survey and protect important communication hubs such as train stations and airports. She cancalert if someone of interest passes through or if something else suspicious occurs.

Automatic and non-automatic functions

NORA, will in most cases not survey the entire casino the whole time. In most casinos, she is asked to perform some activities automatically while others are performed only when there is suspicious activity. This allows NORA to be focused on the tasks where she does the most good.

As an example can be mentioned that NORA, or other software usually survey the entry points for cheaters at all time. A facial recognition software scans the faces of everyone who enters the casino while NORA uses the data sent from the facial recognition software to see if she can find the person in any databases. NORA can also work in conjunction with a license plate detection software to be able to identify potential problems before they ever enter the establishment.

An example of a manual action would be if a pit boss notices that some players seem to have unnatural luck and that the number trends are abnormal. In this situation, the pit boss can ask to have NORA analyze the video from that and the surrounding tables to see if the unusual number trends are normal or if someone is cheating. The same thing can be done in the event of an abnormal betting pattern. A common tell of cheating or card counting. Card counting is not illegal, nor is it cheating, but most casinos frown on it and will ban card counters from their establishments.

Cooperating players

NORA can be used to determine if different players know each other or if they are unaffiliated. Knowing if people are affiliated or not can be the key to determine whether someone is cheating or not since many scams only work if you work in a group. NORA can compare the history of different people to discover possible connections between the two such as the fact that they are relatives, that they both have been caught for cheating before or that they both went to the same school. She can also see if people share an address or a phone number.

Screening employees/h2>

Many casinos use NORA to scan new employees to make sure that they are who they say they are and that they have no criminal or otherwise compromising background. This prevents criminals and scammers from being able to gain employment in a casino.

How powerful is NORA?

How powerful NORA is depended on what Databases and software you give her access to and what you ask her to look for. The more, and the better, data NORA is provided with the more relationships she can discover. Most large casinos share a global database of cheaters and keep detailed databases of everything that happens in the casino to be able to prevent cheating as well as possible. Most casinos are willing to spend a lot of money to prevent cheating. NORA is therefore usually provided with the best possible information which makes her a very valuable tool for the casino.

About privacy

Do not except any privacy on the floor. Cameras and software will survey you at all times. Preventing violence and cheating is higher priorities than maintaining the privacy of the patrons. If you want to have more privacy when gambling you should choose to gamble online and use a payment method that can not be tied to you such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum.

If you play in a regular casino then the casino will know that you are in the casino and what you do in it but they are not going to share this information (Unless there is a crime). You will therefore not have to worry about the casino releasing any video of you doing something that you do not want to be seen doing. The casinos know all, but it does not tell.

A casino is a public venue, and I strongly recommend that you refrain from performing any action that you would not like to be known on the casino floor. There are more private venues like hotel rooms that are more suitable for private matters.

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