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Avoid getting cheated in Las Vegas.

Author: William Berg
by William Berg
Posted: Feb 03, 2019
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We all know that the odds are against us when we visit Las Vegas. We know that the games are designed to earn the resorts money and that the operators will do all they can to protects their profits. They use state of the art technology to prevent scammers and cheater from gambling in the casino and win its hard earn money. But this article is not about casino security or people who cheat in casinos. In this article, we are going to look at the technologies and equipment used by some casinos in Las Vegas that might be considered cheating. Technologies that the casino maybe should be banned from using to protect the customer and guarantee fair gambling. My goal is to teach you about these technologies so that you can avoid any establishment using them.

In this article we are going to focus completely on live casinos In Las Vegas. We will not talk about the online casinos that some hotels operate. The reason for this is that online casinos are a lot less likely to try to manipulate the games in the same way as regular casinos sometimes try to do. This is due to the fact that almost all online casinos are unable to manipulate the games. They have not accessed to do so. They license the games from a large developer such as Swedish NetEntertainment. NetEntertainment maintains complete control over the games and makes sure that they are providing the player with the correct odds to win. They provide games to 100s of casinos and would never be willing to risk their reputation (or billion dollar business) to help a casino manipulate the outcome of a game.


MindPlay was a piece of technology that was released a few years ago. The technology was used at the blackjack tables. MindPlay used 14 small cameras to photograph and record every card that came out of the shoe. The software then automatically tracked the cards that had been dealt and told the casino if the deck was hot or cold. A hot-deck contains a lot of high cards and favors the gambler. The gambler has an edge to win money when the deck is hot. A cold deck is a deck that favors the casino and provide them with an even larger edge than normal. The MindPlay system would notify the Pitboss that the deck was hot so that he could find an excuse to shuffle the deck and reset the game. This made sure that the casino never had to play with a hot deck.

A simplified way to explain it was that the system counted cards in just the same way as a card counter does so that the casino could benefit from this by not allowing any gambling on a hot deck. The decks a card counter is waiting for to bet big.

This system is very unethical and should not be allowed. Casinos do not allow card counting, and as such, they should not engage in this practice themselves.

This system is no longer available on the market due to a lot of gamblers reporting it to the Gaming Control Board in Nevada after players discovered that casinos were using it.

They might still be used in some Casinos, and similar systems are available even if MindPlay is not.

Automatic Card shufflers

Automatic card shufflers, or automatic shoes as they are also called, are commonplace in many casinos. They have become an accepted occurrence in casinos even if most knowledgeable and avid gamblers despise them. Many gamblers, myself included, refuse to gamble on a table using an automatic shuffler. The use of an automatic card shuffler might seems innocent enough. It saves the dealer a lot of work shuffling cards. But the truth is that they fundamentally change the game. An auto shuffler makes sure that the shoe is always neutral. The deck can never be hot or cold. The casino edge always stays the same. An Automatic card shuffler makes it impossible to use advanced blackjack techniques such as card counting. Observe that card counting is not illegal and that it is not cheating. This is true regardless of what the casino wants you to believe. Card counting is merely playing the games as well as possible taking all information into considerations. At least if you play alone.

Card shufflers make the games more profitable for the casino, but they can not be seen as cheating. It is obvious when a table uses an automatic card shuffler, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to play at the table or not. It is not cheating; it is merely a different game than that offered at a table with a standard shoe.


TableEye21 is a security system designed for the blackjack tables. It keeps track of players, bets, cards dealt as well as the winnings and loses of each player. TableEye21 does have some legitimate uses at it can spot players who are cheating. Players who try to change their bets after the game has begun or that is trying to affect the game in some other unduly way. The system can also be used for less legitimate reasons such as tracking the skill level of players. This allows the casino to ban skilled players while encouraging bad players to keep playing. Doing so is morally dubious as the casino should allow everyone the same chance to gamble regardless of skill level. All casino games are, after all, created always to give the casino an edge. Whether or not this should be considered cheating depends entirely on how the casino uses TableEye21. It is a useful tool that can be abused.

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