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Bulk Invoice Emailing – Why An Automated Document Delivery Is Necessary

Author: Jeremy Brown
by Jeremy Brown
Posted: Mar 10, 2019

QuickBooks, Excel, Paper? – No! It’s just too old!

Businesses can’t survive without documentation, can they? Of course, modern offices are turning themselves into paperless offices, especially through soft documentation methods and less involvement of papers.

However, there are some areas that certainly require improvements. We can call it a mini-revolution if email invoicing isn’t a boring job anymore. Imagine the workload of an employee who has to send email invoices every minute throughout a day, month, and year. It’s not only monotonous but also counterproductive. As a result, a business suffers in the end.

Automation & its advantages

As of now, we are not talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Apparently, companies with higher net value can continue with these technologies, but a small business can even barely think about it. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives know how email invoicing could be a tedious task for the employees.

In the wake of the automation revolution, we can find several automated systems available in the marketplaces. Yes, the concept of auto-drive is also getting popular these days. Well, our focus here is mainly on the small businesses and firms that need a diligent and efficient mechanism for quality results.

Let’s count on the following concrete advantages:

  • Professional-looking email templates. Be it sending an email to a new customer or a prospective one, these professional emails will set the tone of communication and conversation.

  • Scheduling and mailing. Have to send emails on a recurring basis? The automated tool will allow scheduling of invoices on a future date and automatically emails to the recipients.

  • Versatile features. Are only simple mails sent to the recipient? This tool should enable the end-user to send attachments or support documents to the recipients. Thus, making it easy for everyone.

  • Multiple recipients – multiple emails. The one we were discussing first! Indeed, the end-users will be able to send multiple emails to multiple recipients within a short span of time. No more day-long emailing, please… (phew). It manages bulk invoice emailing in just a few minutes.

  • Online payment options. A one-click button for customer payments will definitely augur well for the small business. Nowadays, customers aren’t that much interested in even going through a 5-minute payment process.

  • Follow-up invoices. Have to send an invoice again? No worries, the tool should automatically send the follow-up invoices as per the standing instructions.

With several other features, these tools benefit business and increase efficiency, productivity & capability levels to a new high.

What and where to look for?

It is clear that automated document delivery system has made lives simple for small businesses. But, not all companies have been following through the trends and aren’t themselves aware about the advantages of these tools.

Small companies should look for automated tools from software vendors or companies. Yes, no Internet-based tools can help PDF emailing in bulk at all. Now that a few reputable vendors offer trial versions of their tools, it’s easy to test and assess the advantages of the tools. Moreover, these tools don’t cost a bomb.

Author Info:-

Jeremy Brown is a reviewer of PDF tools in the marketplaces. He writes why it’s important for small businesses to have a Bulk Invoice Emailing system in their respective offices. Apart from PDF emailing, the end-users can help improve an organization’s overall performance. Thanks to automated email invoicing, businesses can just get better with their productivity and efficiency rates.
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This article is all about defending the customer and providing with the best possible involvement with your organization, and secured electronic Document Delivery has transported this profit.

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Author: Jeremy Brown

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