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Keep your basement dry this monsoon season

Author: Vivek Choudhary
by Vivek Choudhary
Posted: May 16, 2019
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Keeping the basement dry is not only necessary to avoid mold, mildew and fungus but also to avoid structural damages and expensive repairs. Moisture locked in the basement can lead to severe allergies and breathing problems apart from damaging the foundation and the assets stored in it. Some of the best ways to ensure that the basement stays dry during the monsoon season are as follows:

Ensure That Water Flows Away from the House

Sometimes due to a faulty landscaping around the house water accumulates quite frequently around the foundation. As per a roof waterproofing company in Delhi, this can only be dealt by ensuring that the ground slopes away from your home, so that water does not enter the house or accumulates around the basement.

Install Gutters and Downspouts

A concrete admixture company in Delhi says that a house that does not have an efficient system for rain water collection needs an expert’s intervention on installing new gutters and downspouts. The experts will make sure that the downspouts are at least 5 feet away from the building structure and that water is directed away from the house.

Use Water Resistant Paint

As per one of the best construction chemicals manufacturers in India, the best way to avoid weeping or bulging of walls in the basement due to moisture and condensation is using a high quality and water- resistant paint on the basement walls.Use a Dehumidifier

Apart from effective basement ad bathroom waterproofing products, dehumidifier helps in absorbing excess moisture from living space and hence it can be a good investment for the basement. Depending on the size of the basement area, multiple dehumidifiers can be used to provide effective results.

Surround the Basement with Rocks or Gravel

Rocks and gravel have been used since historical times in order to absorb moisture. Hence, even the manufacturers of basement waterproofing products in Delhi, advise putting some rocks around the periphery of the basement as an inexpensive and effective method of avoiding water accumulation.

Insulate Water Pipes

Cold water pipes can cause condensation on the walls. Therefore, insulating the water pipes can avoid this problem and alsoensure that there are no leakages in the plumbing.

Install Metal Window Wells for Basement Windows

Poorly constructed basement windows can collect and retain water and retain. As per experts, metal window wells covered with pebbles or gravel can be a good solution to prevent seepage through window frames to the basement walls.

Avoid Drying Clothes in Basement

Drying clothes will only contribute to the humidity and moisture in the area. Therefore, it is highly discouraged by experts. An alternative solution can be use of dryer or to dry clothes outdoors on sunny days.

Ensure That All Appliances Vent Outdoors

Most of the houses use basement as a laundry room. It is a good idea as long as there is proper system to vent all moisture outside and there are no leaks from the washer. Another good idea is to install an exhaust fan in the basement to remove moisture and improve ventilation

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