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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Nov 03, 2023
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Ah, the eternal dilemma. What form of entertainment to have at our wedding? We’ve probably all been to weddings with both excellent and diabolical wedding entertainment. There are horror stories everywhere when it comes to wedding DJs. There are those that think they are comedians and give wildly inappropriate shout outs in poor taste, leaving guests embarrassed or appalled – that is never a good thing. Also, DJs are the prime cause of bad dad and uncle dancing – so should probably be avoided if only for that reason unless you know a very good one personally and can vouch for their taste and decency! Magicians can be similarly hit and miss, but card magicians that wander from table to table do provide excellent distractions and can rescue guests from awkward conversations, which is always a bonus. They can also be combined with live music, which, when done tastefully and appropriately is surely up there when it comes to the best wedding entertainment.

Live music at weddings should definitely be tailored to the crowd. No matter how much you love your Norwegian black metal, the chances are that a good majority of your guests do not share your enthusiasm! However, folk of all tastes can appreciate a great acoustic guitarist. The best are capable of covering songs of many different styles and everyone will be able to make a little request that should leave them happy. A good acoustic guitarist can provide a welcoming soundtrack to the quieter moments during drinks when everyone still feels a little uncomfortable and worried about their dress, or bumping into their ex!

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Often you will find that an acoustic guitarist is also a fine singer or at least comes paired with a wedding singer. I would wholeheartedly recommend an audition, to which you bring at least one friend or relative, both for an acoustic guitarist and a wedding singer. There are some real hacks out there, but conversely there are also some very fine budding musicians making some money on the side by doing weddings and parties. Ideally you want someone with a pretty eclectic musical taste so they are capable of changing tempo according to the prevailing mood and atmosphere at the wedding but also so they can be flexible enough to take special requests from people of different ages and tastes.

You need to make sure that whoever you task with your wedding entertainment has an air of professionalism and courtesy and you should, ideally feel some sort of connection with them. If you feel comfortable in their company, then chances are, so will your guests. Later on in the evening you might want something a bit livelier than an acoustic guitarist and wedding singer. Then is the time to get an electric band in. A great tip for this is to head to your local record shop. These guys are usually in contact with most of the local bands in the area and can offer great advice on who you should allow near the sockets on your big day!

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