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5 Tips On How To Keep Your Garden Ponds Safe For Kids

Author: Pond Covers
by Pond Covers
Posted: May 25, 2019

Having a garden pond is a nice addition to an already nice garden. It can become the centerpiece that you’ve been looking for to complete the look of the outdoor area. It can also serve as a complementary piece that makes all the other designs look even better.

However, one of the biggest concerns about garden ponds is that they can be relatively unsafe for kids. There are extra measures that you can take to make sure that this is not the case such as buying pond covers. Below are some useful tips that you should keep in mind to guarantee the safety of kids around your garden pond.

1. Implement pond lighting

Illuminating the pond can make it easier to see and identify. This will prevent accidents that happen purely because the kids around the garden pond were not aware of the sudden change in level when they are walking around. You don’t necessarily need to have bright lights. You just need to have one that will make the pond stand out.

In the darker months, having pond lighting is going to fare a lot better in general safety. Walking around at night might make it impossible to spot which areas of the garden are the ponds. With proper pond lighting, kids playing outside will be able to avoid the area actively.

2. Elevation for the pond

Whether it’s elevating the pond or raising its sides, elevation for the pond will it more noticeable This will help you avoid the unfortunate accidents that can happen because a kid was unaware of them slipping because they’re already near the pond.

Elevation will serve as a reminder to anyone that’s in the garden that they are near the pond. In most cases, this can also help adults who are simply walking about because they might not always be looking down to where they walking as they look at the other things around the garden.

3. Assign a designated walking area

Controlling the foot traffic will help in the reduction of accidents near the garden pond. This can be in the form of a metal railing or metal pond covers. You will be able to install these sturdy additions without having to worry about sacrificing the designs because you can always use additions and modifications that suit the style that you are going for.

4. Always watch the kids

Truly, there is no 100% child proof pond. The best way to prevent accidents from happening is being there for the kids. Never leave them all alone in the garden. Make sure that there is someone watching the kids to guide them where they can go and where not to go.

Even if a kid has already made a good habit of walking and playing around areas that are deemed safe in the garden, never fully trust them. They might feel a little adventurous one day which can lead to them falling into the pond.

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