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World's Popular Hot Springs That Heal Your Mind, Body And Soul

Author: Mikhail Davis
by Mikhail Davis
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
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There is no other feeling in this world, that can match the happiness of holistic travel. The feeling of completely getting lost in the moment, and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the destination you are traveling to, is beyond any understanding. Traveling is not only a treat to your eyes but also, a treat to your mind, body and soul. Whenever you travel to a place, you obviously want to lose your stress and anxiety, and heal from your day to day life's atrocities.

There are a lots of naturally occurring phenomenon, that you can travel to, that heals, relaxes and rejuvenates your mind body and soul.

One such glorious phenomenon is hot spring. These healing geothermal feature is like, nature's own bath-tubs. It offers a soothing bath, in some surprisingly beautiful and remote locations all over the world. In some countries, it is an old tradition, to soak in natural hot spring. It is actually a treasured pastime, of locals.

Traveling to world's famous springs, can open your eyes and pores, and can help you encounter a world full of great feelings. These healing effects are not mere assumptions, but are also backed by a plethora of research.

Minerals in it

The most common minerals in it are sulphur, sulphate, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, chloride and zinc. When these minerals are dissolved in hot water, they provide huge health benefits. The heat from radiating from them is heavenly, and also relieves pain.

Let us dig a little deeper, and find out more about these world famous springs, you need to travel to at least once.

1. Challis Hot Spring; Idaho

This famous hot spring located in Idaho, naturally bubbles up from the ground, and seeps through the river-rock bottoms and gravel. While the temperature inside the therapy pool is left completely up to mother nature, the area outside the pool is regulated to be comfortable. Travelers can also stay at the bed and breakfast, and enjoy the comfort and the beauty. Visitors can also camp on the banks of the Salmon river, for more rustic experience.

2. The boiling River; Yellowstone National Park

Travelers can reach to the Boiling River, through an easy and simple hike. The National Park Service, allows people to relish it during the day. People create pools along the river's edge, where hot water from the river mixes with the cold water of the Gardner River, which creates makeshift hot-tubs. For more pleasure, you can visit the Mammoth hot spring, but soaking in this one is not allowed. There is no other way to beat the winter blues, better than relishing in this hot spring.

3. Takaragawa Onsen; Japan

Travelers from all over the world, visit Japan's Takaragawa Onsen, to experience the healing waters, but they end up staying for the majestic and mind blowing views. It is located in a tranquil forest, surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy the therapeutic waters, and inculcate all the positive vibrations, that are spread all around the place. In a country, that is known for having more than its fair share of hot springs, this is definitely one of the best ones'. Soaking up in their rich culture and healing waters, helps to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

4. Terme di Saturnia; Italy

Italy, the land full of rich culture, mouth watering food and of course wine. But that is not it, to add one more feather in its hat, Italy is also a home to one of the best hot water springs in the world. Terme di Saturnia, is located in the south of Tuscany. It's temperature rises up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, making it warm and inviting, regardless of the atmospheric temperature. They were famous amongst Romans, more than 2000 years ago, and till this date is popular with locals and visitors.

5. Yangpachen Hot springs; Tibet

The Yangpachen springs, is nested in the high peaks of Himalayas. It features incredibly healing water, and it needs to cool down before visitors can dive in them. The temperature can rise up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, hence it becomes necessary to reduce the temperature to an acceptable level. Once you get into the hot spring, and start appreciating the impressive view, you won't be in any hurry to get back out, because the views are simply spectacular.


These are the world's most popular springs, that you must visit if you are looking for gaining the benefits of holistic travel. But if you actually want to maximize the positivity of traveling, then using the best travel planning app to explore travel is your best bet. Pure Vibes Travel Guide, is one of the most popular travel planning apps, that helps you to focus on the basics of holistic traveling, by using ancient healing techniques like yoga, spa and much more. For more information, get in touch today!

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