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Digital Marketing For Fashion Brands: How To Build A Profitable Business Online

Author: Shaumik Maurya
by Shaumik Maurya
Posted: Jun 14, 2019
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Take More Advantage from Social Media Channels

Social media has changed everyone’s life today. This is the best way for digital marketing to introduce and sell your luxury products. Here you can use an exclusive image and effective content for true inspirational connect and engage the audience to convert them.

For example, wearing luxury clothes while walking on a red carpet or experiencing a luxury experience like a celebrity. Always, high-quality images like this work like a glue that attracts your audience to become a customer and spend money on your website.

Another advantage of using a high-quality optimized image is it could improve your website’s ranking.

Minimalist Website Style, Excellent Customer Experience & Awesome Functionalities

General, people use their mobile for the latest fashion searches, so you need to follow your marketing strategies should be around mobile experience.

Choose an attractive and responsive theme for your website, cleverly choose the font size not too small or big for optimize great user experience, choose color scheme carefully don’t choose the violent color, easy to navigate and smooth on surfing and check out.

Most vital thing your website page load time means how fast your site for the mobile user.

  • Use limited features
  • Homepage remain lite

You can check your website page load test my own on Google Page Speed Insights on your Smartphone. After page load test shares the result with your website developer to correct or improve its page load time.

Another benefit is craft mobile friendly website and webpage load speed is the most important factors to optimize for Google search results for your web property.

Optimize Image, Graphics, and Content

Use your mobile for producing effective content and to take free stock images for the website. Here you need professionals who help you to design creative aligned with your website’s theme.

Spend enough time to design your website theme exclusive for your brand individuality that can apply to your offline and online brand positioning.

Weave Stories after the Product Design & idea.

Customers love to feel engaged with stories. Tell inspirational stories around the product, the idea of the product. Tell the whole experience around the product that makes it interesting for the customers and they want to be a part of your stories.

Example: Story of dress "She wore in her farewell party or on an engagement party"

Facebook Ad to attract luxury customers

To be an effective marketer you need to know your customer and make an understanding of your customer demography.

Create 24 hours graph of your customers, where they are live, study, work, read, drive, eat, common interests once you have collected these data of your customer, Use Facebook ads to convert your audience into a customer.

Tip: Remarketing campaign by using Facebook Pixels.

Another advantage is higher ROI (Return on Investment) on your Ad spent.

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Focus on Excellent SEO

SEO is one of the key factors for promoting your website. It is a long term process of planning and strategies. You need to keep monitor and analyze regularly of your digital marketing work.

Google Search result on your Website Domain and Page Ranking.

Tip: Be consistent with your post content and make customer focal content.

Target Customer with Content

Digital marketing is crafting goal for your audience, create unique content for your audience to aim while looking at your brand and you.

Tip: Create content around the most precious occasion of your customer’s like such as "Dress for your engagement"

More customer generated Content

In your content show, you care about your customers, with your content bring them on your stage, give them charge and let your customer express themselves what they feel for you and your brand. Take their advocacy to the next level, make them delighted and special.

Tip: A photo shoots of your customer wearing your brand share that image on your website and Social Media and tag your customer. It could be a great hack for the upcoming years.

Influence like Brand Spokesperson

Influencers are the key to become unique either you want to test to a limited audience or keep them, you can't go alone.

You can check your Instagram feed; check how established brands, new brands, and private labels are doing marketing in your neighborhood grouping with micro influencers. The influencers are done personalized endorsements for their audience helps them to make good relationship and expand their customers.

Create Uniqueness Online

For Jabong or Myntra Bollywood celebrity endorse their Exclusive Clothes Range of new products. You have seen already of success of such these exclusive branding. Take inspiration from them and make some exclusive range of product for your online audience.

Build loyal customers list by email marketing

Customers always love offers with some special benefits. You need to collect mobile numbers, WhatsApp numbers and email address to share special offers for your frequent customers. Use tools to grab the details of your customers with a wishlist, abundant arts, send them remarketing SMS, an email with exclusive offers.

Tip: Analytics and Feedback to understand better your customer behavior about your product and services. Ask your customer to share their feedback and reviews.

Design website with page load faster

Earlier, you could get a slow loading site. I can recall a time when we wait 2-3 minutes to open a famous site fully loaded.

Yes, I know you surely relate to that.

That was not a good experience, but now it is a kiss to death in the current marketplace. It can frustrate the audience experience and ultimately depress people from purchasing your product.

According to the internal studies, when a page load is slow then visitors will not spend more time in your site. While faster page loading decrease operating costs and also enhance user experience and other benefits.

Support your Online Brand Store with a digital marketing strategy.

Your brand individuality to get recognized from the far and your brand identity must have an image in your customer’s mind. You need to balance your costs of production, quality standards, and making money.

The fashion industry is changing very fast, so be passionate and develop your brand and keeps your set up at low cost! Good Luck!

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