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How to resolve McAfee error code 12030?

Author: Anaya Sinha
by Anaya Sinha
Posted: Jun 16, 2019

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus programs globally known for protecting device and data from all malicious threats. It gives various features such as smart scan, powerful junk cleaner, personal firewall, email protection, browser protection, and many more advanced features. provides a genuine McAfee antivirus suite which gives total security to your system. But many people reported that they are getting McAfee error 12030 while scanning the device. McAfee error 12030 is a type of runtime error. Most of the time you will get this error when you are scanning your system; the scanning process will be interrupted and you will get McAfee error 12030 pop-ups on your screen. This error can occur due to some incompatible programs which are running at the same time. You can follow the method given below for fixing this runtime error.

Search and close all conflicting programs:

Most of the runtime errors occur due to conflicting programs. Follow the steps given below for closing all conflicting programs:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously
  2. Your task manager will open
  3. You will see the list of currently running programs
  4. Go to the processes tab
  5. Stop the programs one by one by hitting the End process button
  6. Check whether you are getting the error code 12030 or not
  7. If you are getting the error then close next program; check all programs
  8. Once you identify the program then remove, update or reinstall that program

Reinstall the conflicting Program:

  1. Go to start menu
  2. Click the Control Panel
  3. Go to Programs
  4. Click on Programs and features
  5. Click on uninstall
  6. You will get a list of the installed program
  7. Click on the program you want to uninstall
  8. Now go to a web browser and download the latest version of that program and reinstall it

If you don't want to reinstall that program then you can also update it.

Update your antivirus and install all updated of your OS

Many times virus infection can also cause runtime errors. If your McAfee antivirus is not updated then you are not protected from new malware and this new malware are creating runtime error. So, update your McAfee antivirus quickly and then provide a powerful scan to your system. Do not forget to check OS updates. Your OS should be updated for working smoothly.

Try running Disk Cleanup

Runtime errors can also occur due to low disk space. If you have low free-space in your system then get backups of your files and then free your disk space. Remove all cache from your computer. You can also run disk cleaner tool of your computer for removing all junk files from your device.

Try reinstalling the graphics driver

Sometimes graphics driver can also get you into McAfee error 12030. Follow the steps for reinstalling the graphics driver:

  1. Go to the device manager
  2. Click on Graphics driver
  3. Right-click on video card driver
  4. Choose to uninstall
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Now reinstall your graphics driver
  7. Reinstall Runtime libraries

You may get McAfee error 12030 due to update such as MS Visual C++ package not installed completely. For fixing this error you can try uninstalling the older package and reinstalling the updated package. Go to program and features> Search for Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package> Click on uninstall tab. Now reboot your device and download and install updated redistributable package from Microsoft.

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Anaya is a Technical Support Manager working at T.T.D. Systems Pvt. Ltd.. She is a expert in online internet security field & writes problem solving blogs for the sake of end users of various antivirus software.

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Author: Anaya Sinha

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