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Step By Step Algorithm How To Raise Money For ICO

Author: Live Metre
by Live Metre
Posted: Jul 04, 2019

Step up companies are always looking out for good opportunities like raising money, Initial coin Offering(ICO) would be the great place that is much better than traditional venture. It means that you don’t have to find the middle person and you can raise money. In simplest terms, an ICO is a fund-raising means in which a company releases its own digital currency in exchange, for ethereum or bitcoin. The point is to attract investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency score.

  • Review other ICOs see which one you can work on

You can learn from those who were successful or failed before you. Search the internet and find out which ICOs raised and what they did accomplish it. By seeing and reviewing their teams, advisors, white papers, their marketing strategies, rating and comments of experts in ICO space and so on. Give yourself several weeks to 2 months for preparing your ICO preparation.

  • creating white paper

You should write your idea and formulate it as a draft in the white paper. The next step, there are services which can write for you or you can find the professionals to help you with polishing it and critique also. Moreover, talk to advisers who will help you with any unclear wording within your work and provide you with feedback. Make sure that in your white paper you answer all the questions and ensure that you have good justifications for the reasons you will be using blockchain for your project.

  • Building a team

After creating a whitepaper, building a team is also a really important task. Finding the people who have business dealings with each other and complement each other, it will be easier to work together or solve some business challenges.

  • Preparing your website

Your website is your business face, where your future contributors will see all of your work. Take time to create a good website and find some professional designers to make your website stand out. The website should have every detail that can connect and communicate with you.

  • Protect your ICO from hackers

First, make sure that employ is the best expert programmers to write the code for the tour project. They should follow the standards and practices to avoid common coding bugs. Get your codes tested by multiple experts and users. Listening to warnings and security recommendations, use an escrow wallet for your ICO.

  • Announce your ICO

The importance of those sites continually changes as new powerful players are entering the market and bringing new ideas on how to present new ICOs, so You can provide them with lots of relevant information about your ICO such as your team, white paper, milestones, links to blogs and website and more.

  • PR and Marketing

Marketing is really important when you are running a company. Searching for successful ICOs and ask who did marketing for them and approach those companies. It is not uncommon that some of the successful ICOs have spent anywhere between $500K to $1M on marketing and PR. Now, Facebook, Google, and Twitter are banning crypto ads. so it makes the task more difficult for ICO.

Running a company is always hard, there will still be a lot of work after you success. You will keep working on and updates.

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