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How To Prepare For Microsoft 70-486 - MCSD Certification

Author: Rotaro Bernaz
by Rotaro Bernaz
Posted: Jul 08, 2019
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As technology arises so does the people who are able to understand it and tap into it. However, not all these people have actual knowledge that is concrete and correct about this kind of things, which is why it is very important for companies to find certified people who can deal with their problems. If you want to be the someone a company trusts on for developing their web applications and related services, then getting the Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications Certification is very important for your career. With this certification, you become an administrator and are qualified to handle the installing, upgrading and configuration of 70-486. The certification can even allow you to become a trainer to other employees on the matter, and teach them about the benefits this platform provides and how you can use them.

So, like any exam, when it comes to passing it you’ll actually need to study and prepare. Considering this is quite an extensive exam, and all-nigther will definitely not work. If you have forgotten how to prepare for a big exam, or just want to know how to specifically prepare for the Microsoft 70-486 - MCSD Certification, we got you. Here is the best way to prepare for this exam.

1.Know your pre-requisites

This is super important before you begin to study, check out the Microsoft Certification Overview to know everything there is about registration, requisites, helpful videos that include the typical exam question formats, and a lot more of other resources that are actually provided by Microsoft itself. Also, check out the exam policies and scoring in the FAQs of the Microsoft certification.

2.Know your options (and use more than one)

When it comes to studying for this test, there is a wide range of tools that can provide you with the information you need. In the official Microsoft website of the certification, Microsoft provides 5 main ways in which you can prepare yourself to take the exam 70-486. They are the Instructor-led training, the exam prep videos many of these are available in the guide mentioned above), Self-paced training, practice tests, and the community that has already taken the test.

3.Instructor-led training

This is probably the best way to prepare for an exam, and if you aren’t worried about the cash, the easiest. However, a bad instructor can end up really hurting your exam grade, so there are some things you need to know before hiring one. First, make sure they are updated on the latest content of the certification, it is constantly changed and so should your studying be. An option is to refer to the Microsoft Learning Partners program, which offers training solutions for the certification that are updated as Microsoft is.

4.Exam prep videos

Also provided by Microsoft, you can check out as many as you like. They are constantly organized so that the structure is like the questions from the exam, this is later explained on detail so that you understand every concept regarding the question perfectly.

5.Self-paced training

This is basically using all the resources you see here (except the instructor) in order to do the studying for yourself. Microsoft facilitates this for you too by using Microsoft learn, in which you’ll be given quizzes and levels you need to pass in order to learn as much of a Microsoft-related topic as you can. Also, you can just get the guide and use all the other resources to complement your studying.

6.Practice tests

These are very important when it comes to solving certification tests. Microsoft offers an exam dump for you to take. Ideally, take it before you begin to study anything to see where you are standing. Considering Microsoft really doesn’t offer as much practice tests, you should try and download valid, actual, and verified Microsoft 70-486 exams dumps. There are a lot of platforms in which you can get actual exam questions and practice them while you study from the other resources.

7.Community learning

The discussion platforms, again, Microsoft offers some learning communities. What you want to do this for is solve your specific doubts on the matter. People who have already taken the test or who know about certain subjects can help you. Question-based forums are also pretty great, this are platform in which the exam dumps have a discussion section that you can use to further understand why a question is answered the way it is.

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