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Top Five Reasons to go on a Spiritual Retreat

Author: Wendy Martin
by Wendy Martin
Posted: Jul 20, 2019

When you need a break from your daily stressed life you are looking for a vacation. Vacation is a to destress yourself. But there are times when you want deeper experience on a spiritual perspective. You want the right direction of life. Yoga, meditation, and chanting are a few ways you can get to know your spiritual side. The best way to get all of them under one roof is by attending spiritual retreats in India. The top five reasons one should look for attending a spiritual retreat India are as follows-

1. Get clarity-

Living our day to day lives we are caught up with a lot of responsibilities and duties. We forget to see the big picture life has to offer us. Being away from our daily routine lives helps us to clear our mind of all the clutter we have filled in us. It also helps to create space for clarity in our lives.

2. Make a breakthrough-

We are facing a lot of challenges with every passing day. To see a way through we need to get in touch with our creativity. When we get away from our daily lives and distance ourselves from our comfort zone it becomes easy to know how we got to where and how we need to move forward to resolve an issue. Solutions and inspirations spring up in our minds when we are most calm and stop trying hard to get solutions. Going for a spiritual retreat helps you to get a breakthrough.

3. Get the download-

Among the daily clutter and distractions of our lives, it gets impossible to receive messages from the divine. Whether you're thinking of a new business venture or a new love relationship the answers are always coming for us. We just don't realise. We miss getting the message from the divine as we are stuck in the clutter of our daily lives. Going to a spiritual retreat gives us the space to hear and understand these messages.

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4. Connect with nature -

We are living in a gizmo world with so many gadgets and wires around us. Amidst the world of wifi and internet, we have forgotten to walk by the beach or appreciate nature. Fresh air, plants, greenery, animals and nature help us to relax and unwind. Staring at the starry sky can open up new perspectives and solutions in life. Visiting a spiritual retreat makes this possible.

5. You deserve it -

In the real world, you are always playing a role, a parent, a partner, a boss, a colleague. While playing these roles you forget your individual self. You need to reconnect with yourself. To help others you need to be a motivated person first. You deserve to be yourself once in a while. A spiritual retreat helps you reconnect with your inner soul.

For your spiritual growth plan to join a retreat because - in words of a spiritual coach, " you owe it to yourself to be yourself".

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