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Marine Positioning System and Parts

Author: Ammu Surendran
by Ammu Surendran
Posted: Sep 07, 2019
release transponder

Digital Hydrophone

Digital Hydrophone is a new kind of acoustic single collection equipment. It joins hydrophones with amplification modulation circuits, collection, storage, and digital data transfer. Digital cable can be 70 meters, standard USD interface, easy to connect with the computer system. It is very convenient to build up noise measurement and observation treatment systems without using complex parts like front amplifiers, filters, and collectors. This hydrophone improves system reliability and anti-interference. It has the character of low noise, wide dynamic range, collection precision high, display absolute sound pressure value and relative sound pressure value. Our company also services the point system as customer requests, including more channels, different lines and interface, inset drive routine and so on. The customer also can get DSP processor development for 2nd time.

  • Independent intellectual property rights, the best quality at a reasonable price.
  • General data interface, easy connection.
  • Quickly and quality response and services.

Product function:

  • Time-domain waveform data collection, upload, storage, replay, and control
  • Statistical function for the average value, max value of time-domain waveform data collection.
  • Implementation of power spectrum calculation, display function, frequency range plus and select frequency range gamma.
  • Hydrophone sensitivity adjustment and compensation.

Usage Field:

  • Environment monitoring
  • Ocean energy source exploration
  • Ocean monitoring

Acoustic Release Transponder

Acoustic Release Transponder is key equipment of put, position, recycle the anchor system for ocean observation also can use the control unit on the boat deck to send the order to long-distance control of the complex underwater system. ART series Release transponder test in the field many years and working reliable, specification stable. The characters are wide frequency range, heavy weigh release, long-distance action, long time working. The control unit on the boat the deck is using easy and a clear interface can also control long-distance and compatible with IXSEA and others.

ART series Release transponder can use together with an acoustic position system, to get the accurate distance and position of the underwater point. Using much ART, we can make the long-baseline positioning and concentration positioning. Our company can supply custom request solutions and plans, including the split type ART and submerged buoy with communication.

  • The control unit on the boat the deck is using an easy and clear interface.
  • Compatible with IXSEA perfectly.
  • Can be made by the customer request, many series, and models.

Product Function:

  • Important to recycle the anchor system for ocean observation.
  • The positioning system underwater fixed the watching table.
  • Low power loss, high reliability, stable.
  • Have a signal standard, distance measurement, depth measurement, and posture measurement function.
  • Has long baseline positioning function.
  • Assembling split function.
  • Whole ocean, many series, and models can be used in different sea and area.

Usage Field:

  • Salvage in the bottom of the sea, monitoring sea environment and sea oil exploration
  • Deepwater submarine position and navigation
  • Recycle the hydrological monitoring equipment

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Digital Hydrophone is a new kind of acoustic single collection equipment. It joins hydrophones with amplification modulation circuit, collection, storage, and digital data transfer.

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