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7 Essential Apps For The Organized Student:

Author: Sara Anderson
by Sara Anderson
Posted: Oct 24, 2019
morning apps

If you are a student then I can surely understand your struggles. After all, I was a student too. Who doesn’t know what it takes to be a student? The hectic schedules, the burden of assignments and oh, those stressing weekly quizzes. In all of these hustles and bustles, have you noticed something? You used to be a well-organized person.

Woah! Isn’t it sounds like someone from your past hit you hard? Don’t you miss your old self? When you used to be all organized and well-managed person. But, unfortunately, your student-life has changed your lifestyle completely.

Well, don’t worry! You can still be the same old you. Yes, even being a student you can manage your things perfectly. It’s time to say no to the clumsiness. To know-how, look below! 1. Morning Apps

We all did enjoy the golden days of childhood when our mom used to prepare breakfast. Now, you need to understand that you have all grown up. It’s time to change your habits. I know that staying up late to complete the assignment and then waking up early morning is quite a difficult thing. It’s all right! For this, innovators have designed morning apps.

This app is more like a challenge which is quite tough to confront. An app named, Alarmy: sleep if you can is the must-to-have thing for all students. Do you know what is the most amazing thing about this specific alarm is? You cannot control it, the app controls you! This fantastic innovation keeps evaluating your sleeping pattern. And then wakes you up accordingly. No need to skip breakfast, no more absents!

2. Apps for A Healthy Diet

Students are not only mismanaged creatures but, also the most careless humans. Deciding what to eat and then ending up eating junk food is the most common habit of all students. Though, consuming a healthy diet is necessary as the food you consume affects the mechanism of the brain too.

Anyways, download this MealBoard app on your phone and let your robotic assistor help you in organizing and making your diet plan. You do not have to spend hours thinking what-to-eat neither has to turn your footsteps back to the grocery store because oh, I forgot to buy salt, need to go again. Relax! Let your assistor handle everything.

3. Bibliography Helper Apps

Oh-oh, here comes the most helpful too. Yes, bibliography, the most boring thing about academic writing. Just like you, there a hundred of others who love writing essays and patterning research papers. But, one thing they definitely don’t like is- the last section, bibliography.

Well, I have good news for all of you. Why not turn your boring factor into fun-thing. Would you like to know how? With EasyBib! It’s an app that offers bibliography in all styles, be it the APA, MLA, or Chicago style. All you need to do is, enter the title of your paper and get your referencing done.

4. Safety Comes First

Students have to walk miles from campus and sometimes you have to do late sitting at your friend’s place, for group study. This could be sometimes risky. You never know where the next turn could lead you. For this, you can use student safety apps.

The newly launched app, Circle of Six is purposefully made for the students. Before leaving, let your friends locate you. Apart from this, you can also use it for one more amazing purpose. Guess what? How about tracing the location of your friend in the café? Ha, just save your time and stay safe!

5. Robotic Planner for Students

Is it difficult for you to make a weekly planner? If yes, then integrate this robotic planner on your phone. Even if you have a habit of procrastination, this help can help you in being organized. The cherry on top is- there is not only one app that you can opt for.

Apparently, there are three in a row which are highly being used. In fact, UK British Coursework highly recommends this app to students. As, it helps learners to stay organized by providing a weekly timetable, remembering the important tasks and keeping things aligned, accordingly.

6. Memorize Your Lectures

When the brain starts playing hide and seeks with you, get your hands on the revision tool. Sounds boring? Oh yes, it is! By the way, I have secret magic with which you can turn your boredom into fun-factor. Guess what it is? Yeah, an app!

One of the best app to keep your revision game strong is, StudyBlue. This offers the flashcards on which you can insert your course information. Apart from this, there is one more thing which can use to test your learning skills. So, now you do not have to carry your books always. Just carry your mobile phone and keep revising your work.

7. Capture Your Lecture

We heard that you skipped your class. Is that so? Oh no, what you are going to do now. What? If your teacher made three questions from today’s lecture. Feeling anxious? Well, you should NOT be. You can get the entire lecture on your phone now. Yes, yes! By the way, this doesn’t mean that you can skip your lectures without genuine reasons.

There are several apps like SoundNote, OfficeLens, and NotePlus which you can use for both; noting the important points and recording the sound. Just let the recorder record the sound capture every important detail in your phone. Next time, before skipping your class, ask your friend to capture the lecture for you.

Here we are done! So, are you excited to get back into the lane, where you used to be a highly organized and well-managed person? Even if you weren’t you can give yourself a try, it’s not that much difficult.

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Sara Anderson is a professional writer. She likes to write articles related to education, technology, and marketing. She started her career as a freelance blog writer and today she is a well-known blog writer at freelancing platforms.

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Author: Sara Anderson

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