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Tips to Get Your Kids to Love the Dentist

Author: Paul Priceman
by Paul Priceman
Posted: Nov 09, 2019

Going to the dentist with your children can either be the biggest nightmare or a fun and exciting trip! Are you scrunching your nose when you read "exciting trip"- Well yup! It sure can be if you keep mind and implement the following tips.

Choosing a Dentist:

Be sure to choose a dentist who is going to be patient with your child and has all the time in the world for your child. You want the dentist to be warm and gentle, otherwise, your child might get turned off and that is when the problems begin. Make sure he also has a kid friendly environment. Many male dentist wear men’s print scrub tops with the latest characters to make the kids feel at ease. In addition, be sure they have video screens that they can watch something that will distract your child while the dentist does his job.

Prepare Your Child:

Once you schedule an appointment for your kid, break the news out to them in an exciting way. Like "Guess what (child name)? We are going on a fun outing on (day)! Isn’t that awesome?!" You can go on to describe to your child what will happen and that it will be a great day. You can talk about the importance of going to the dentist and read books to your child during bedtime. You can play "make believe dentist" so your child can know what to expect. Be sure to get your child excited about the dentist at a young age, since once they get older, this can be more difficult. If you did have a bad experience with a dentist in the past, switch dentists. Then, be sure to make it clear to your child that we are starting fresh with a great, amazing dentist and it will be a total new experience.

Give Prizes:

Some dentists are great about giving out plenty of prizes. I once had a dentist who gave ice cream at the end! But of course, there can be great dentist who do not give all these exciting things out. So, tell your child that if he had a great time by the dentist and cooperates you will treat them for a prize or ice cream at the end. Doing this will give your child the push he needs to think of the day in a positive outlook. It will also make the kid look forward to this amazing experience. Once you are done by the dentist, talk over with your child about the experience. If your child is complaining about something be sure to discuss how you can make it better for next time and calm all his concerns. Be sure to keep all your promises right away!

So now that you read through these tips and are more educated about how to hype up and make the dentist the best experience ever you will not scrunch your nose when someone says that going to the dentist can be the most exciting trip! Good Luck!

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