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Author: News24 Ghante
by News24 Ghante
Posted: Nov 14, 2019
sensitive places Attention in Jabalpur to avoid tension

Jabalpur news. The Supreme Court's decision in the Ayodhya case is likely to come this month, in such a situation the police department is alert to deal with any kind of situation in the city. It was told that the meeting of all the gazetted officers and station in-charge in the district was taken by the Superintendent Jabalpur Amit Singh, the previous Divisional Superintendent of the Supreme Court, in the near future.

There will be meetings every day-

AP Amit Singh said that instructions issued by Police Headquarters, Bhopal should be strictly followed describe in bhopal samachar, meetings of Peace Committee and Mohalla Committee should be held daily. Any issues that come up in the meeting should be resolved immediately. Sensitive places should be identified, if CCTV cameras are not installed at sensitive places, then be installed immediately. Fix pickets should be placed at sensitive places.

At such a time, some unrestrained and disruptive elements remain active, who try to create disruption by spreading rumors, such people should be constantly monitored, such social elements, in which there is little doubt that they can create an environment of unrest. While marking them, effective preventive action should be taken against them keeping in view their crime, along with which people help the police They should also be marked. The police mobile vehicles must keep rebel drill material, teargas grenades and cells, video cameras, torches, etc. as necessary, as well as ensure that the PA system of the mobiles is in working condition., a new voice on the Internet and social media is in front of you. New dimensions of sacred journalism in the golden age of information revolution in the country. We are determined to keep the news in front of you in a simple, simple language between a fair and transparent system.

In the golden age of information revolution in the country, a new voice on the Internet and social media, the new dimensions of sacred journalism, is before you. We are determined to keep the news in front of you in a simple, simple language between a fair and transparent system. By following the code of conduct of the news portal, we will try to give you 24 hours of news from country-world, city, town and village-village, your faith and guidance in this great journey of ours is desirous… we - you together in this journey I will be together, this is the wish, thank you.

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