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Top 15 proven Social Media Scraping Tools which will work in 2020

Author: Emilia Jazz
by Emilia Jazz
Posted: Nov 17, 2019

Do you want to tap only qualified leads in 2019?

Then it’s time to put forth your data game on point.

Social Media plays a huge role today in tapping leads. Emarsys states, ‘’ 42% of the world's population uses social media. That's 3.2 billion users worldwide.’’

This means that if you are not managing social media handles well, chances are your competitors will overrun you in no time.

Think of it this way, if you manage your social media engagement, you draw the attention of your multiple target audience. When you can do this, you can retrieve all the information required, such as their purchasing decision factors, their expectations, reviews and many more in order to apply the same when you enhance your solution.

When you can extract data from social media, you are not just making your solution better, you are growing one step forward than your competitors which is exactly why you need to start implementing, ‘Social media scraping tools’.

Social media scraping is the process of extracting quality information from social media handles of your competitors or prospects so that you can use this data to tap your prospects better. For instance, if your prospects prefer seeing emails from 2 to 3 pm, you can push your email marketing campaigns according to that period.

The result?

Higher clicks, larger views, bigger chances of lead conversions.

But just scraping social media information from your online engagement isn’t enough, when you extract information from your competitors, you will have a great idea of how you can improvise your product solution better.

We have curated the top 15 social media scraping tools which will guide you to extract all the essential social media data required to enhance your lead conversions.

1. Octoparse

Octoparse is a simple user interface that makes web scraping an easy task for all its users. With just 3 simple steps you can easily extract the data you wish to retrieve. Their main advantage is their cloud platform which enables users to conduct multiple extractions with no time restraints and with a faster speed. Also, if you are new to the scraping world and require help, Octoparse has a professional feature where they conduct this process for you. All you need to do is give them your requirements.


  • Simple for beginners since no coding is required

  • Simple user interface

  • Secured 24/7 cloud platform

  • Plan your schedule any time to conduct your scraping activities

  • Choose where you want to save your scraped data

  • Offers IP rotations so that your identity always remains hidden


  • No coding

  • Paste the website URL you want to extract data from

  • With a click of the button, retrieve all the data you require


  • If you know how to browse, scraping is conducted with ease

  • The tool can be used by any new beginners or individuals who are looking for a simplified web scraping tool

  • With IP rotation you can easily scrape multiple social media handles which is a huge advantage

  • Scraping any websites on the social platform is done without any restrictions

  • Less complicated and more effective platform

Disadvantages :

  • Since it stresses more on no coding format, for intermediaries and above, this tool wouldn’t add much value for them

  • The features can be complicated in the start to understand and implement

  • The support team may not be available when you need them at the moment during your social media activities


You can try out their 14 days free plan which is restricted again and doesn’t let you completely analyze their features. They have 3 plans, Standard, Professional and Enterprise where standard cost $79 a month which is the most popular option chosen, professional costs $209 a month and enterprise costs $4899 a year. If you wish to avail of data service from there it is $399 a month and for $189 for crawler service.




With manual work becomes a thing of the past. Their efficient robots have been claimed by them that it can function similar to how a human would but at a faster pace. They can assign multiple robots to extract data from all your competitor's websites. Being wise enough to use automation in their data extraction platform in the form of robots will give rise to efficient and effective data capture.


  • Provides insights on the market trends before your competitors even find out

  • Conversion of information into potential insights happen on a quicker basis

  • Ensures efficient data gap management

  • Eliminates the need for any manual work

  • Extract large amounts of data easily from any web or cloud sources

  • Receive real-time insights on a minute to minute basis


  • Can create own robot

  • The data extraction process is quicker

  • Conducts data mining

  • Makes use of efficient technologies to conduct data scraping


  • Gives you a detailed insight on your competitor's social media handles by extracting data which help you make precise decisions

  • With the use of multiple robots facility you can easily concentrate on other works because the robots assigned from dexi are reliable

  • The robots have the potential to even crack content from the most secure passwords

  • With the robots monitoring the social media activities, your brand will always have an advantage of staying up to date with new trends


  • The robot could function as an error at times

  • It isn’t a user-friendly experience which may take users time to understand it and then use it for their social media activities

  • At times debugging the robots becomes a hassle task


They have two plans, one for business and one for the enterprise. Under their business plan, they have three plans which are Standard for $119 a month, Professional for $399 a month which is the most popular chosen option and Corporate which is $699 a month. The standard plan doesn’t allow much of an option so you have no choice but to go with the remaining two options available. They haven’t mentioned the price of their enterprise package hence users need to get in touch with them. Between the corporate and the enterprise the choices are similar.



3. Outwit hub

Be it SEO or social network monitoring, Outwit hub is the tool which will benefit all its users need in one frame. From finding the keywords that your prospects use frequently to retrieving essential information from your prospect's social posts online, Outwith hub is a platform that ensures whatever data you require its purpose of being a social media scraping tool will ensure that is conducted. They don’t just emphasis on web scraping, they also have additional features which can catch your attention.


  • Manages and organizes every data from any online sources

  • Makes sourcing tasks simpler

  • Keep a track of SEO activities to be conducted

  • Download documents or images directly to your server or hard disk

  • Collect vital information of your competitors without any hassle


  • Outwit hub v.8.0- Views, extracts and organizes any form of data from any source

  • Email Sourcer v.8.0- Automates and makes your sourcing tasks simpler

  • Tailor-made scrapers- Create your extractors to serve the purpose of your work


  • Instead of you managing the data scraping from the multiple social media handles of your competitors, outwith hub can conduct it on your behalf saving you time to focus on other things

  • Has the option to save posts and images of what your prospects share so that you can improvise on what they like to see more

  • With just one click, scraping from numerous pages becomes a hassle-free task

  • User-friendly interfaces allow you to conduct your social media activities more efficiently


  • It doesn’t have many options for social media handling

  • For each action, you need to buy individual platforms to conduct it

  • Limited options to choose from


They have 3 editions, Pro, Expert and Enterprise. Pro edition cost $69 yearly, Expert is $195 yearly and Enterprise is $535 yearly. Even with the packages, the options are limited, not enough to drop your jaw.



4. Scrapinghub

Scraping hub another well-established web scraping tool that has imprinted its mark in the industry. Being 12 years in business, 8 billion pages crawled/month and have scraped 300+ web pages, Scrapinghub is an expert in itself with its job. Having a great fanbase of developers and customers, Scrapinghub is an ideal tool for extracting data for any purpose. It offers two types of service one being data service where companies rely on accurate data and the other being developer tools where teams are on the lookout to execute web scraping projects.

Features for data services:

  • Need data to be used once, scrapinghub conducts this action

  • Need timely data? Scrapinghub ensures that data is being sent according to the period mentioned by you

  • Have a big enterprise and want a customized option? Scrapinghub manages it

  • Experience no stoppage in the process with scrapinghubs ongoing maintenance

  • Get your consulting game on with the different type of experts you want to engage with

Features of developer tools:

  • Indulge in no IP rotation process with a proxy that doesn’t hit the ban list

  • Keep a track of web crawlers with a cloud-based platform

  • Receive an HTTP API with a proper script and browser

  • Receive automatic extraction API in order to automate large data at scale

  • Build spiders with no hassle


  • Option to scrape once or multiple times as per convenience

  • Offers reliable proxies which don’t get banned

  • Provides tools which enhance your scraping process


  • Can receive daily social media information about your competitors without any hassle

  • Can surf through many competitors websites to extract data since scrapinghub offers a reliable proxy which won’t get banned

  • With tailor-made solutions, you can now customize how you want your process to be

  • A reliable platform where you can place your trust with web scraping


  • The user interface may not seem that easy for a beginner or an IT professional to understand

  • Few options may trigger a slow speed during the process

  • Scraping dynamic pages could be a hassle for scrapinghub


Scrapinghub offers 3 options, Once off which is priced at $500 per website, Data subscription which is $250 per month and Custom which is $2000 per month.



5. Parsehub

A free web scraping tool that conducts web scraping activity without any hassle. All you have to do is open the website you want to scrape, select which data you want to extract and just download it. How easy is it? No code required to extract data and no worries related to infrastructure maintenance. Parsehub is bringing convenience in a cup.


  • Retrieves data and stores it on their servers automatically

  • Conducts IP rotation for safe online activities

  • Manage when you want data to reach you

  • Clean up your HTML and texts way before you even download the data

  • With the API and Webhooks, extract data from any web page

  • Organizes your scraped data in the format you prefer to view it


  • Easy to use interface

  • Hassle-free process of data scraping

  • IP rotation ensures high online safety with your identity


  • Can extract any data from anybody’s social media handles without having the fear of being traced or suspicious

  • Can receive regular data from your competitors so that you always have an eye on their next action

  • Have the liberty to access data from any social account without any restrictions


  • Since the data is being saved in the server, there could be a risk of parsehub having a look on it

  • Since it offers a free web scraping tool service, many users will be utilizing this service, hence the process would be slower


They have a free pack which is valid only for 2 weeks. Their standard package costs $149 per month, professional cost $499 per month and for enterprise solutions, you need to contact them personally.



6. Datahut

With no coding, servers or high-end software, datahut provides you simpler data scraping platform in seconds. You have an issue with data scraping or you want datahut to conduct the process on your behalf, everything has a solution when you use datahut for your scraping purpose. Instead of you having to worry about any scraping process being hindered, datahut shifts your focus towards managing your business more efficiently whilst they take care of the rest.


  • Uses APIs to extract data

  • Ensures 100% data integrity

  • Scrapes data from the toughest of websites

  • Provides a well-versed support team

  • Scrapes data as and when required


  • Scrapes data on your behalf as well as helps you to scrape data incase your current software has a hindrance

  • Provides an instant solution to any complex data scraping issues

  • Confident about their service as they offer a money-back guarantee


  • You can now extract data of your competitors no matter how complex their website is

  • In case of any mishaps during the social activities, datahut’s support team can easily help you on spot

  • A team of experts sits on the other side to help you and cater to all your needs


  • The initial stage to set up this tool can be time-consuming.

  • No free trials allowed for you to have a better insight on how this tool works

  • To retrieve accurate data, the users must continue to follow up on it.


They have three plans. The personal starts from $40 a website, business starts from $100 a website and for enterprises, you can either get in touch with them or have a customized solution according to your preference. In all the above categories, you can even avail of a free quote.



7. Mozenda

Investing in two essential criteria which are data harvesting and data wrangling, Mozenda is stepping up its game in providing you the finest web scraping facility when compared to the rest.

Their service indulges you to use the data for any purpose such as sales, research, and growth. Having worked with top-end clients such as CNN, Target, HSBC and many others, Mozenda might be just the tool that will help you in conducting a good social media scraping activity.


  • Using its point and click feature scrape any sort of data you need

  • Organizes and manage your data according to your preference

  • Their new tool, data wrangling adds and advantage of preparing your data so that you can analyze better.


  • Delivers high standard services

  • Scrapes your data as well as prepares it for you

  • Need a software or need someone to manage your data extraction, Mozenda has it all covered


  • Scraping social media accounts became easy with the choices Mozenda offers, either get the software or let their team manage it

  • No need to hire manpower for social media monitoring, Mozenda can do it for you

  • No time wasted to learn about how the data extraction needs to be conducted since Mozenda is already an expert in itself.

  • Quick and easier data extraction process conducted without any hassle


  • At times it doesn't fully cater to what your actual needs are

  • It only supports Window applications

  • May not be easily understood when you start using it

  • Can hinder its pace when dealing with large scale websites


They have 4 options. The first one is Project which is $250 a month, Professional is $350 a month, Enterprise is $450+ a month and managed services where users need to contact Mozenda teams for the pricing. You only get a dedicated customer service manager for enterprises.



8. offers its unique data scraping process by giving you all the information required without needing to worry about the infrastructure. Receive solutions without any efforts and access your way to even the most complicated of websites easily with Another essential feature to pay attention to here is, with, you will always be accompanied by the data provides you which will, in turn, benefit your workflows.


  • Quicker data access

  • World-class support

  • Expert support

  • Managing the right data insights to be retrieved

  • Creating relevant reports

  • Custom integrations


  • Faster retrieving of any data

  • Get the help of experts to enhance your workflows better

  • Provides accurate and precise data for better performance


  • With an expert option in hand, you can extract data from any social accounts easily

  • In case if you find any difficulties while scraping your competitor's social media accounts, support team will be at your assistance

  • Monitor and track the data being extracted via dashboard

  • Get access to data even from the toughest of sources


  • Doesn’t cater to every minute scraping choices of users

  • Not user-friendly for beginners

  • Frequent updates may cause irritation and stoppage in work


They have a free version and the paid ones have 2 options, one is Managed data service and Developer/ Partner edition. For the pricing details, you can get in touch with their sales team.



9. 80legs

An easy web scraping tool and cloud-based web crawling software stores and gathers information online with its impactful tool. It crawls websites and extracts data which is then stored in a secure cloud database. It offers 3 functions, one is custom crawling where you receive data once the web crawl process is done, the second one is a giant web crawl where all you have to do is mention which data you are looking to extract and 80legs will apply its giant web crawler to scan the entire web to find your information and lastly datafiniti where you can instantly receive regular data without having to wait for the data crawling to happen.


  • Custom crawling

  • Giant web crawl

  • Datafiniti


  • Extract data completely from any source

  • Has good tools for the type of data extraction you require

  • Uses a secure platform to store data which could also be a confidential one


  • You can customize your web crawls when you want to conduct your social media scraping activity with 80legs cloud-based platform

  • For the efficient growth of your brand, scraping just one social media account will not do much help. You need to scrape all those accounts which will add benefit to your brand. With giant web scrawling, it surfs the entire web to retrieve data you need.

  • If you are tired of social media scraping, get quick access to the data. Not only is it convenient it makes your data extraction even easier.


  • Many users who have tried this tool find it to be non-flexible which may put a hindrance on new changes

  • To extract huge amounts of data, you will have to choose from a list and only once it's developed will you be able to conduct the action

  • Lack of support team assistance on time


For those users who are keen to try on giant web crawl and datafiniti, you can directly get in touch with the 80legs team. For the latter, they have 4 plans. One being their free plan, the other is their Intro plan which costs $29 a month, the other being their most popular Plus which costs $99 a month, other being Premium which costs $299 a month and for the enterprise, you need to again get in touch with them. Apart from the number of crawls at once the remaining package factors remain the same.


(Not mentioned)

10. Content Grabber

Content grabber by Sequentum offers its users two types of licensed enterprise option one being for desktop and the other being for servers. Along with providing the advantage of extracting data from multiple sources, they also have additional benefits which are will put you quite in awe. For instance, determine your security measures without having any restrictions placed on how much data you can extract from any source or receive your extracted data from this social media scraping tool in a format you want to view as an insight.


  • Easy usability with visual point and click editor

  • Windows operating system

  • Offers quality web data

  • Flexible to outsourcing

  • Availability of helpful integration tools

  • Controls multiple requests on any website

  • No restrictions on data scraping

  • Has a centralized management system


  • Providing high-end data reliability

  • Let the Agent control center manage, control and monitor all your scraping activities

  • With Content grabber software you receive complete customization and feature controlled options


  • Scrape as many social media accounts for any purpose be it content or leads without any restrictions or hidden or monthly fees

  • With a data extraction option placed on your desktop or the website, easily extract any social media data with one click

  • Keep a track of all the social media scraping activities you conducted so that you always know what is covered and how you can extract from new sources


  • Not a user-friendly interface

  • The tool isn’t that easy to understand in the beginning

  • Since there is unrestricted access to the customer dashboard there can be chances of data being lost or modified. If few people manage it, it would be better.


Pricing details haven’t been mentioned on the website. But they have a form which you can fill in and they get back to you.



11. Webharvy

Webharvy is a tool that is dedicated to scraping images, texts, URLs and emails from the website. This tool can be helpful for social media scraping as you can easily scrape the graphic images to see what your prospects are liking better and what posts, design, colour, and texts create an emotional connect with them.


  • Easy web scraping

  • Intelligent data pattern detection

  • Store data either on a file or database

  • Crawl numerous pages

  • Find forms by submitting keywords

  • Conduct privacy and safety measures

  • Category scraping

  • Extracting images

  • Javascript support

  • Regular expressions

  • Conducting automation browser tasks

  • Technical assistance


  • Scrapes data from pages which are relevant to the data you need

  • Can use proxy servers and VPNs to conduct an anonymous web scraping

  • Can automatically crawl and scrape the information at that very moment


  • Conduct efficient social media scraping with crawlers and web scrapers who extract information during the process.

  • Download as many graphical images you need without any issue

  • With the webharvy built-in browser, there is no need for any codes or scripts to be applied which makes your social media scraping more quicker and easier


  • Documentations extraction isn’t supported by them

  • IP address extraction isn’t supported by them

  • It can be slow to give the results you are expecting or during the process, you are conducting


You can choose between purchasing any 5 types of licenses which are webharvys single-user license which is USD 139, 2 user license which is USD 219, 3 user license which is USD 299, 4 user license which is USD 359 and for the site license which is applicable for unlimited users is USD 699.



12. Scrabin

Social media scraping is conducted so that you can easily tap your potential leads closer to you and having said this, scrabin might be the easiest and quickest way of getting data via the social platform. With just 3 easy steps you can easily download potential leads which a click. Aime dot increases your lead generation process, scrabin is created to make this process much more efficient and valuable.


  • Search which social media profiles could be the best fit for your brand

  • Run the extension

  • Scrabin will automatically gather all the leads directly to a CSV file


  • Dedicated to Linkedin branding

  • Easy 3 steps to run an extension and retrieve data

  • Can add this tool to chrome for easier process continuation


  • You can gather potential leads from social media handle LinkedIn which is the hub for tapping potential b2b clients and scrabin exclusively caters to it.

  • Since the tool is purely stressing on the lead generation factor, it becomes easier for you and your sales team to cater to all the leads you get immediately without wasting any time.

  • It is a convenient and easy process since you can just add this tool in your chrome extension and the process is conducted within minutes anytime


  • Only restricted to the Linkedin platform

  • Lacks in assistance during a time of need

  • Doesn’t offer many features when compared to the other tools on top


They have 3 versions, one is Lite which is a free version, the other is Plus which is $12 a month and the other one is Ultimate which is $59 a month. Despite its pricing being cheap the Lite and the Plus have restrictions such as both don’t have a 30-minute growth hacking session and uploading of URLs to visit. Only the Ultimate has all.



13. Web scraper

Solving the biggest blocker websites have which is making an interface simpler to use but not completely accessible to scrapers. With web scraper, extracting data is a simplified task which is conducted with a click of a button. Be it retrieving data from whole websites or categories, web scraper has it all covered for you. This is another social media scraping tool which can help you surf the internet for any data you need.


  • Point and click interface

  • Get data from dynamic websites

  • Suited for modern website creations

  • Modular selector system

  • Utilize cloud web scraper to access all scraped data accumulated


  • Can retrieve data even from the modern well-established websites without any fears

  • Retrieves data no matter which source you want it from with ease


  • Conducting social media scraping is an easy task

  • No matter what you need to scrape on social media whether it’s the competitor's pages or simply a few categories, web scraper can get it done efficiently.

  • With the help of Cloud, you can even automate data extraction activities with a reliable tool like web scraper where now you have more time to focus on other relevant matters

  • Conduct social media scraping according to the schedule you wish


  • IP requirements haven’t been mentioned

  • It is claimed to be a free tool which means that multiple users will be using it hence slowing down the process.


The pricing details haven’t been mentioned and it is claimed to be a free version.



14. Gramdominator

Another dedicated social media scraping tool is a gramdominator which has a dedicated scraping advantage on the Instagram platform. Today many businesses are following in the footsteps of Instagram branding and are seeing great success with their product. With a gramdominator not only will you be able to understand what needs to be posted you will also get an insight on when to conduct the right action.


  • Follow module

  • Like module

  • Unfollow

  • Post module

  • Comment module

  • Repost module

  • Searches and follows your competitor's actions such as their followers


  • Let’s you conduct Instagram activities for your brand with reliable data which will only help you grow your brand higher

  • It makes it a point to research your prospects and competitors and then follow them to keep track of what’s next appeals to them.


  • Makes it better to grow your brand via Instagram

  • Keeps a track of your prospects actions, their likes, comments, and your competitor's actions so that your brand knows what to do next

  • According to the number of posts, follow rations, you can filter your potential prospects accordingly in a very convenient manner


  • With so many monitoring and actions happening regularly, it seems to put you at risk of being seen as suspicious or a spam

  • Engagement levels are less

  • To run a campaign on gramdominator can take hours together and until it is not executed you can’t turn off your system

  • Limited to Instagram only


They have two plans which share the same features, only the period to use the plan differs. If you want a monthly package, it is $9.95 and a yearly package would be $79.95.



15. Scraper

Scraper is an extension tool that doesn’t complicate your web scraping activities. This tool is great for beginners who are trying their hand in this process. All they have to do is with the data extracted you can either copy to clipboard or simply store in a spreadsheet. For simple and easy tasks this tool can function better.


  • A great tool to extract shorter data requirements

  • Is quick to conduct the process

  • It may be a basic tool but it holds a good potential


  • For social media scraping, you can easily use this tool to retrieve all the small data required which are also impactful

  • You can easily extract minute details of your competitor's data much quicker


  • Very basic and suited best for beginners

  • Not many features and will work better for those users who prefer XPath

  • Doesn’t have much update option for new features

  • Conducts basic social media scraping activities


It is a chrome extension (free version)



The Bottom Line…

Social media scraping not only helps you to guide your branding activities but also helps you increase your lead counts and lead engagements much better. A leading research page states, ‘’The internet has 4.4 billion users’’ which means that your target audience is spread across and with social media scraping tools you can easily spot them and bring them closer to you.

With the above solutions, ensure that you have the right tool that will suit your brand and help conduct easier and smooth social media scraping efficiently.

As you now have your 15 social media scraping tools, do let us know which is the tool your brand is going to try out first and let us know your opinions on them.

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