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What is a Masonic Suit?

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Dec 08, 2019

There is scant information online as to what a Masonic suit actually is, which if you think about it is rather apt. However, this is not at all helpful for those who are unsure what to wear as a new member, perhaps hesitant to reach out and ask what they should wear to a meeting.

The truth as to the fundamentals of Masonic suits is a rather simple one albeit there are subtle nuances that are worth paying attention to. A Masonic suit is essentially two pieces from a traditional dark or black suit, being the waistcoat and the jacket, with the change coming in the form of a pair of striped trousers. There are, however some quirks in that some UK Lodges do request dinner suits, officer uniforms or formal highland dress to be worn. But let’s assume that the traditional Masonic suit is the order of the day.

It can be tricky to find a retailer that can provide just the jacket and waistcoat from one suit and striped trousers from another, but there are plenty of Freemason friendly tailors online and in bricks and mortar shops that will understand your plight and be all too happy to accommodate you.

You can definitely add a little bit of a personal touch by opting for a black herringbone fabric jacket with a matching waistcoat and then choose some classy striped trousers to your own taste. This is a combination that is tried and tested. What’s for sure is that there are a few options – it’s not the rigid uniform that many believe it to be. You can opt for a classic black jacket and matching waistcoat of course, that is the preferred choice of many.

Along with whichever suit, jacket and striped trousers combination you opt for, the shirt of choice is a nice, classic, crisp white shirt with some elegant cufflinks. Accessorize to allow a little of your personality to shine through the formal dress code. Think a fine watch, a favourite, classy tie and pocket square and even a belt with a bit of va-va-voom.

When it comes to shoes, you want to keep it classic. Black of course, always black as you are wearing a black suit. If you are dressing for a Masonic gathering you want to always have the mantra, ‘simple but classy’ ringing around your head when preparing your attire. Think of the lessons Colin Firth’s character gives his young apprentice in The Kingsmen, although you don’t quite need to stick to the Oxfords, not Brogues rule! Make sure your shoes are well polished, your shirt is well ironed and your suit is not in need of an update. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great in a Masonic suit – that is the beauty of a dress code that insists upon a dark, simple suit. If anything, the striped trousers should represent a bit more of an outlay as a cheap pair of striped trousers could end up sticking out like a sore thumb.

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Author: John Hinds
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