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A VERY BRIEF history of Classical Music

Author: Ardian Alam
by Ardian Alam
Posted: Feb 22, 2020
writing things

So we'll start off in around a thousand. AD just because that's when people start. to bother writing things down the guys. that we're interested in writing things. down were the church because they wanted. to make sure everyone well sound from. the same hymn sheet as it were at that. time what was sung in churches was a kind of chanting which we know these. days as plain chant it sounds like this. called Gregorian chant but apparently. was nothing to do with Pope Gregory just. somehow got that name there was this. monk guy called guide Odoacer who. thought it would be good to have a bunch. of lines let's call it a slave or a. staff and you could then put your notes. on that so everyone will know which note. to sing but because it's for the church. the words are important is the Word of God. the words of what we need to hear so. there's no need to put any rhythm in the. notation it's just pitches the rhythm. basically follows the stresses in the. rhythms of the words some people have. higher voices some lower so eventually. the church says ok you can sing a. different pitch a different interval as. long as you still sound the notes. together that sounded a little bit like. this popular new instrument organ so. it's known as or Garnon they also. thought sometimes it might be ok just to. hold one note while the other note. changed above that was called drone or Garmin although more often the drone was. just played on an instrument things. didn't change very much for several. centuries gradually over time the church. allowed more and more intervals the fifths and the fourths and eventually. thirds until the voices were able to move more or less independently many. voices simultaneously is known in music. as blue phony and this was a fundamental. change in the way music was made here's. an example by parrot I have not tried. and from around 1200 things were now getting more complicated. so the notation needed to improve. Phillip de Vitry a French bishop and composer audio wrote a famous book called. the new art art Nava as opposed to the ARS Antiqua of guided Deir Ezzor and he came up with rhythmic notation ideas and the first time signatures using this. system Guillaume de macho became the first composer to set the entire Latin. Mass in 1364 what's interesting about this early. music is that to our modern is it feels. relatively static it doesn't. particularly travel from one place to another it doesn't tend to reach a climax starting and stopping a piece. seems more like tuning into a river of sound which is always there by the. middle of the 15th century it was the Royal Palaces and they are a stock recei who were taking over as the most. important influence on the course music. took secular music began to influence. church music and vice versa as the Renaissance took hold composers began to feel freer to express. their own personalities more Roskam Despres was renowned in his day as a. composer who brought new levels of expression to his music particularly in the way he set a text for example he. might illustrate a tear falling with a downward scale where words had always. been the primary focus now music started to take center stage. [Music] other comparably grateful if Ernests. included Palestrina in italy orlando Dallas's in the netherlands and William. Byrd in England around 1600 Italy became the center of major new musical developments as wealthy and cultured patrons oversaw a flourishing of the Arts the first treatises on musical notation and harmony were written in this period. and this is part of the reason why musical terms are still in Italian to. this day the wealth of the period led to large ensembles and grander spectacles. soon enough the idea of opera was born. Monteverde wasn't the first but he was. certainly the first great opera composer and his operas like the 1607 Orfeo. remain in regular performance to this. day [Music] an out of opera came to features which would dramatically affect the development of music across the continent one was an increasingly dramatic style of music making and to arise in the need for solo lines with a compliment underneath it was actually through instrumentalists imitating the vocals style of opera that the form known as the Sonata first emerged which went on. to become one of the key forms of the next 200 years with these developments the Baroque era of Vivaldi Bach and. Handel was born in Italy the idea of having a soloist and an orchestral ensemble became popular and was called a concerto Arcangelo Corelli developed the concerto grosso where a group of solo. string instruments alternate with the main body of strings in a work [Music] probably the greatest concerto writer of all was Vivaldi who had over 500 in his lifetime before we go on we need to take a brief musical detour to Germany to mention one of the most important composers in classical music history which is Jay s bar his music seemed old-fashioned in its day it was influenced by the contrapuntal school of organ writing by people like Pachelbel and Boxster Hooda and is interesting that bark was one of the last great musicians to be employed by a church barks music has this incredible technical brilliance is full of fugues and amazing counterpoints but I think what makes it survive is this really sublime form of expression which is both grand and humble at the same time [Music] in France it was another keyboard instrument the harpsichord that was most prominent by composers like Cooper on an drummer which was lighter in style in the German style with later composers like scarlatti and Telamon you start to head towards what became known as the classical style along with barkis's son Carl Philipp Emanuel CPE Bach who developed the idea of the Sonata further this not too begun now to take.Source:

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Author: Ardian Alam

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