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Author: Jason Smith
by Jason Smith
Posted: Mar 27, 2020
penetration test

As in each of our services, our purpose is to become a part of your organization; we want your investment to be fully exploited. First, we strive to understand your needs, get to know your company, its objectives, and motivations; in this way, we deliver the best service. Although we are strict in using the best quality practices and the industry, all our services are personalized based on the particular needs of each client; we provide solutions tailored to each organization.

What is a Penetration Test or PenTest?

The Penetration Testing (PenTest) service that we provide in Mexico (and the world) consists of carrying out attacks with the tools and methods used by crackers (real attackers, erroneously called hackers), to assess how effective they are the defenses of the organizations.

The methodologies used by our consultants are globally recognized methodologies such as NIST, OWASP, PTES, etc., internally generated experience, the experience of each engineer, as well as other underground methods and methods that attack the seven layers of the OSI model and the so-called eighth layer: the user. These methodologies, mixed in the appropriate dose, provide a complete evaluation of the infrastructure and or applications.

Unlike other companies that also specialize in Penetration Testing in Mexico, our work goes beyond delivering the report, picking up the check, and leaving to go to the next company. We are interested that both executive and operational personnel understand the risks they face, know how to minimize them, and learn with each test the best way to continue protecting their infrastructure. We keep you informed about new attacks and threats.

What is the difference between a Penetration Test, Ethical Hacking, and Vulnerability Analysis?

The difference between a PenTest (or Penetration Test) and a Vulnerability Assessment is that a Vulnerability Analysis is a previous step to the PenTest that can lead to false positives since it only analyzes "possible vulnerabilities" while the PenTest examines them. Confirms. There are situations in which it may be convenient for the organization to carry out a Vulnerability Analysis, for example: before conducting a PenTest through a third party when a PenTest has never been performed, It is also recommended to run internal AV frequently to keep underlying vulnerabilities under control or when you have a reduced budget

But for a complete test, a PenTest is recommended.

Even when our work is finished, if the client wishes, they can subscribe to our newsletters to stay informed about new global and local threats, they will also receive information related to the best practices that are being generated, we provide several webinars, conferences and free training for our clients throughout the year. Additionally, to support SMEs each year, we select clients and organizations from various sectors and sizes to qualify for free trials and or other services that can help them advance and reach new heights in their organization.

As for an Ethical Hacking, let's start with the word Hacking, at some point in history this term was not used to refer to something malicious, it was used to refer to people who with advanced knowledge of the object in question, manipulated it to do different things for which they were created. The media have been in charge of changing the meaning of this word in recent years, and now it is used to refer to harmful and malicious things. In the context of ethical Hacking, the term "ethical" somehow softens the phrase to point out that it is not somewhat malicious but employing tools and methods that a malicious hacker would use.

On the other hand, Ethical Hacking is more extensive than a penetration test since it covers a broader range, in an ethical hack everything that can be hacked is hacked, that is, the server, the application, the personnel, etc. and penetration testing is a subset of an ethical hack.

At Kolibërs, we support you with any of the three needs explained in these paragraphs.

Approximate cost of a penetration test or PenTest.

The cost of a Penetration Test varies greatly depending basically on the size and complexity of the infrastructure or application to be tested. Many tests easily exceed 40,000.00 USD or half a million pesos. But do not worry, since our target market is SMEs, we have developed various plans with different goals, which will undoubtedly fit your budget, we have ideas and packages for SMEs that for less than 50,000.00 pesos will provide a complete solution, ask our evangelists here.

For Vulnerability Analysis, we have packages from 10,000.00 depending on the number of IPs to analyze, and if a Web application is included.

Who needs a penetration test or PenTest?

Any organization that is concerned about the security of the information their company manages should invest in a Penetration Test. Many companies that must comply with specific government regulations, trade regulations, or international standards are required to conduct minimum Penetration Testing each year.

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