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Author: Raja Ezio
by Raja Ezio
Posted: Jun 29, 2020
social distancing

Covid-19- How businesses can conquer this pandemic crisis?

No doubt a lot of work culture has been changed since the breakdown of this pandemic. Certain industries and communities got severely down due to this uncontrollable spread. All we can do is support each other and together build strategies to resist this economic fall down. Here is a guidance to businesses that may be experiencing shifts in their business.

What can be done to help your business?

This is a time to support each other:

Even though there are great economic dislocation for businesses, survival is the most important thing. We as a society can pull together to practice social distancing and other ways of ceasing the spread of this for a while.

Here are a few things to be aware of.

Social distancing is must

It is vital for companies to ensure the social distancing in their workplaces. Businesses need to change their daily practices with social distancing principles.

What businesses need to consider :

  • Protection of staffs and their families through social distancing (give them work from home options)
  • Protection of customers and their families through social distancing (avoid direct meetings and encourage video call schedules)
  • Ensure the hygiene principles are being followed for properly
  • Stay current from authentic sources and keep your team intelligently informed. This is where your real leadership skill shows.

Communicate the changes

Covid 19 has unfortunately affected the whole economy including the wellbeing of communities and enterprises. Keeping communities safe is the first thig you should be concerned about. As said ‘information is the key’. Keep your company updated with the latest information and plan how to make things work accordingly. Plan together and make it happen. If you have got any projects or works to be done in an immediate basis, let your team know how to work it out by social distancing.

Adjust your strategy

You may find lot of things distressing at this time. But the best thing you can do as marketers is that calm the nerves of customers by having a clear communication strategy. This can make things work better. Decide ways to tackle both the work team and customers by efficient strategies

Do the necessary

Take the necessary precautions and make sure the workplace is as hygienic to work. Remember keeping the workplace safe is the first priority and always that should be. Ensure proper ways to check the health of all staffs and incase of anything noted, do the necessary steps. Give proper awareness to all the staffs and make them understand how important is to stay individually safe in this huge crisis.

Look for the opportunities

Don’t just sit back and rest. Keep looking for opportunities to beat this situation. Do this with your team. If you have a slowdown of work, plan how well you can use this time to do over projects or other things which you couldn’t do for years. Get set your time and ready with your team.

How social media platforms are responding to covid-19?

In order to make people learn about the symptoms with ease, vaccine information and travel advisories, google has removed any content on youtube that claims to prevent the corona virus and blocking all ads that capitalizing the corona virus.

Facebook has also made its take by blocking ads.

To cease the spread of inaccurate information, unprecedented steps has been taken by major social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube along with Google and Microsoft. They issued a joint statemenyt that they banned misinformation to fight Covid-19. These platforms helped millions to stay connected by elevating authentive content and critical updates with government healthcare around the world.

Together we can and we will

As said, this too will pass. It is quite difficult to predict how the businesses and market will look like when this is past, but we can be sure that, with proper and efficient plan we can make this happen. And there will be great opportunities too.

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