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7 Best Moving House Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Author: Mark Howdy
by Mark Howdy
Posted: Jun 30, 2020

Moving a house is not always a fun process. We often forget that it takes some serious efforts, to smoothly make one, move to another place, safely, easily, and securely. Moving to a new house often calls for a lot of pre-planning which most of the time should be customized, but in a lot of cases, we don't get time to pre-plan or make a checklist and religiously follow it.

If you are moving with a professional moving company, the suggestion here would be to book one who would provide you with a detailed checklist of tasks that you are going to follow up for the rest of the week or weeks. Today we A Class Movers will tell you 7 effective tips that can make your house removals process, simpler, and easier.

  1. Make a Checklist

Chances are that you might fall into this trap of not knowing what to do next! To reduce the risk of not getting it properly and organized, make sure you are getting enough time and the right direction to not just complete it before time, but feel less stressed throughout the process.

Here making a checklist could do wonders!

Start a good amount of time before your moving day. To be precise, at least 2-3 weeks earlier to manage the things properly and on time. By merely having a list of to-do tasks on a daily or a weekly basis, you are good to go.

Start by adding the tasks like, whom should you notify? How will you manage to avoid the wastage? Prepare a list of things to donate, which are no more in use, or you’re not going to take with you.

Prepare a countdown list and start working on it.

Let your Movers Know the Minor Details

It's always mandatory and suggested that what you are doing, and what you cannot do, everything should be communicated. If you are hiring interstate removalists services perth, make sure to tell them about those minor details of your move.

This includes informing your movers about your fragile condition, the condition of the items, or if they need some special care, unique lifting tools, customized packaging, etc to avoid hidden charges at the end of the relocation.

The Packaging is the Key

When moving with professional furniture removalists, make sure that you have been offered the right packaging supplies, seeing your needs. For example, when moving, make sure to book a pre-move survey to discuss everything before coming to a decision.

Look for a moving company that provides a pre-move survey. It is very important to ask them for special packing and handling for your pianos, or your fragile, etc.

  1. Book an End of the Lease Cleaning

If you are stressed out, how will you manage to move out with all your belongings, plus will you have to clean your house before moving out? The best idea and suggestion is to book an end of the lease cleaning service, with your house removalists.

There are a lot of removalists in Australia, who provide moving in and moving out cleaning service to help their customer feel relaxed. Book one for yourself as well, if you don't want to lose your security deposit or your customer who is going to buy your old house.

  1. Reuse your Old Boxes or Borrow Them

If you are packing on your own, you can reuse your old boxes. Or you can borrow from your friends, relatives, or from retail shops of wine, and other materials. You will get these at much cheaper rates!

  1. Prepare a Survival Kit

Here you would love yourself for taking this step is to prepare a kit or bag in which you can put just every necessary item that you cannot wait to reach up in the depth of those packed boxes.

This kit must contain all your medicines, toiletries, and daily use items like toothbrushes, light bulbs, a pair of clothes, etc.

7. Label your Stuff

You should label your items so that you will not go on missing them while on the move or when they are being kept in the storage house for a period of time with your office removalists in brisbane. Make an inventory list to rest assured that your stuff is safe and on track during the move.

This will help you remember all your stuff better and mitigate the risk of missing them during the move.

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Author: Mark Howdy

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