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Use and Role of social media & social media marketing during Covid-19 pandemic and its Pros and Cons

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Posted: Jul 10, 2020
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Role of Social media & social media marketing in Covid-19

The role of social media & social media marketing have seen a significant increase in their use as the Covid-19 prevailed over the whole world. The average population of the world, celebrities, world leaders, and professionals have started them now to not only share their thoughts but also to generate awareness in public regarding the pandemic.

Pros of Social media

Help in spreading information regarding Covid-19

This medium is a really good platform for spreading information. And people are using it perfectly to generate knowledge among the public about Covid-19. Social media has helped a lot in correcting false beliefs that have been developed in people’s head about Covid-19.

Social media while practicing social distancing

Practicing social distancing has given people the platform of social media to connect, share, and get aware of each other. Many people who are staying home, their only means to connect with the rest of the world in social media. So many are not even using television and radio.

It has helped people to stay in touch during the pandemic by using video calling and instant messaging options.

Counseling services on Social media

Since pandemic has led us all to stay inside our homes and that is not for only our own safety but for others too. So social media is also a way to prevent us from depression by entertaining us through humor, memes, and different videos. Social media is a big distraction from the gloomy and stressful surroundings developed due to Covid-19.

Many people are even offering counseling sessions over social media, and the trend is being risen. Social media is a remarkable place for connecting the mental health workers and the ones who need that.

Messaging and Video calling provided by social media platforms

Many of these media platforms have provided the features of instant messaging and video calling, and there is a significant increase in the use of these features as the people are away from each other and practicing social distancing due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Cons of Social media

Along with many pros of this medium in this pandemic, it also has its cons. Since many people are using the social media platform to disseminate information regarding Covid-19, there is an equal amount of misinformation present on this platform. People have developed many myths regarding the symptoms and treatment strategies of Covid-19.

Social Media Marketing Companies

The huge opportunities, a vast voice spread, an accurate hitting to targets, the chances to become millionaires, have never been seen before as they can and could be seen during covid-19 pandemic by online marketing companies. Many social media marketing companies are being succeeded and earning with both hands, and taking no more orders to run online media campaigns as they have already been filled up and gone beyond the limits in spreading further awareness of social media usage and roles through their social media marketing campaigns.

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