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Role of Kristian Livolsi as a Business Strategist

Author: Kristian Livolsi
by Kristian Livolsi
Posted: Jul 16, 2020
kristian livolsi

The unprecedented contributions of Kristian Livolsi in the business world have led him to create a legacy for himself. His impeccable problem-solving expertise and philanthropic outlook towards life are the main attributes for his success. His efforts to become a renowned venture capitalist and business strategist turned him into a thought leader. Today, he lives in Australia with his beautiful family that supports him at every step. He considers his wife Lucy and children Leonardo and Lavender as the most precious gifts of his life.

His Overall AchievementsAfter graduating with a Diploma of Hotel Management in 1999 in Australia, Kristian Livolsi in Adelaide set out to make something of himself. In two decades, he made huge strides and became an applauded individual and public figure. He received many awards and organisational accolades for his achievements. Some of these laurels include being a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, named in the ‘Top 30 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia’ list by SmartCompany among several other titles.

He also completed an MBA degree from the University of South Australia, where he portrayed brilliant academic achievements. He also became a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society. He also became an author and business consultant, sharing his wisdom and business acumen with other company leaders. The Early Fight Against AdversityAfter a successful tenure of about a decade succeeding in his Diploma studies, Kristian Livolsi hit a rough patch. The Global Financial Crisis became the doom for his quickly acquired success. His ventures faced catastrophic failures, pushing him into homelessness and bankruptcy. He had to write himself off from many of his major projects. This sudden face-off with failure took a huge toll on his mental health, driving him into the shackles of depression.

Regaining Control on His LifeDespite the adversity of his failure, Kristian Livolsi refused to give up. He worked arduously to find a solution to the situation he was facing. He finally got the opportunity to join an energy start-up as Director of Sales and Marketing. This second chance helped him in surmounting his predicament as he worked himself up to reach the position of Chief Operating Officers at the company. His strife against depression also led him to find the philanthropy within him. He served as a community service volunteer with the Salvation Army at their second-hand goods store. This experience proved to be a life-changer for him.

The Start of a New BeginningObserving the misery of his fellow citizens during his work in community service, Kristian Livolsi business came face to face with the hard truths of life. He became aware of the fact that life is unfair, and he needed to bring a change in his outlook towards life. This rather spiritual awakening helped him to turn his life around as he began to work away from the media limelight while making assiduous efforts to complete his MBA.

His Rise as a Business ConsultantAfter completing his MBA, he became the most renowned individual for business coaching in Adelaide. Various start-ups began seeking his guidance to enhance their growth. He became a published author in 2019 with the launch of his first book, ‘The Business Growth Mindset.’

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Kristian Livolsi is an inspiring leader, who helps people in attaining their business goals. If you have stuck somewhere on the way of achieving your goals, then we will offer you personalized support and stand with you until you win.

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