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MBA – The Gateway to Newer Opportunities

Author: Ajoy Biswas
by Ajoy Biswas
Posted: Aug 13, 2020

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, it can be safely assumed that you are either a graduate or almost on the verge of becoming one. This either means that you are about to make some very important decisions in your life with respect to your future or you’re completely clueless (read: hopeless) and feel that you have no choice left. Please note that you "feel" and that it’s definitely not the truth!

Yes, you may find this hard to accept in a country where you’re constantly surrounded by the noise created by the achievements of your peers which unfairly creates unnecessary standards for you to live up to. However, it must be noted that no degree, no job and no rank list is the be-all and end-all of life. Only if young people understand this simple truth, will they cut out all the misleading advice and discover what’s truly out there so that they have more clarity and plan better. The incessant need to win the race that others are running in has already destroyed enough careers. This article is only to tell you that you need to relax and objectively find out all the options available to you and choose the one that fits you the best. And once such an option that you can consider is doing an MBA.

MBA is often wrongly portrayed as a degree for high scorers with brilliant work profiles and bright and flamboyant personalities, and needless to mention that it’s synonymous with the IIMs just like how Engineering is synonymous with the IITs. Surely, it’s all of that, but it’s a lot more than that and it’s unfortunate that most students due to their preconceived notions don’t avail the benefits that this degree can offer.

Management colleges in India today not only offer conventional specialisations such as Finance, HR and Marketing but also new and exciting specialisations such as Supply Chain Logistics, Communication Management, Sports Management, Data Analytics, Fashion and Luxury Brand Management, Agribusiness Management, Aviation Management, Health Care Management, Information Technology and even Media and Entertainment Management!

You see, you no longer have to be that engineer who cracked the IIT or that Commerce Student who is already well versed with a few subjects of MBA, you can be a Bio-Science student and opt for Health care management, or be a football freak or an athlete and opt for Sports management or be a media science student and opt for an MBA in media and entertainment management. You can even opt for specialisations that are absolutely unrelated to your academic profile. Top MBA colleges in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Noida and elsewhere are no longer chasing a ‘type’, in fact they value diversity over everything else. A top MBA college today comprises a healthy mix of students from contrasting academic backgrounds and different personalities as top recruiters look for a diverse workforce. The industry has evolved and so has the management education in this country.

With these developments it’s obvious that you no longer have to chase just the IIMs in the hope of a brighter future. Students can opt for these much in demand specialisations in non-IIM institutes as Management colleges in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and other top metro cities of the country are catching up on the market trend and introducing these unique specialisations.

In short, with an MBA degree today you may just land a career in a media house or a national level sports club or agency or work in a top hospital managing and coordinating all the good work you had once hoped to do when you dreamt of being a doctor. It’s no longer just about working in a bank or a top FMCG company. In fact, if you want to lead a quieter and a simpler life, you might as well go for an MBA in rural management. It’s no longer a degree suited for a certain type of student.

Having an MBA degree opens a wide spectrum of opportunities as every industry today is looking for managers who bring a fresh perspective, add to the diversity of the ever increasing workforce, give the industry a certain direction and make it a more streamlined business.

MBA is no longer what it used to be!

About the Author

I am Ajoy Biswas an educational consultant. The article is about how Mba is a great upcoming option for students for pursue their career in the field of finance, management, and entrepreneurship.

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