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Future Jobs in Legal Service Industry

Author: Ambika Parashar
by Ambika Parashar
Posted: Sep 15, 2020
legal services

There is no industry which is not impacted by technology innovations and so is true for the legal space. Legal technology has enhanced the delivery of legal services by automating them with the help of AI & machine Learning. There is a huge potential in this space to optimize efficiency and improve processes. This would lead to a new digitally transformed legal services industry. Already there are lot of technology solutions which have automated time-consuming processes such as case documentation, case & contract reviewing, and affidavit writing, etc.

In today’s world only studying law would not be sufficient. Therefore, law firms look to hire software engineers with the knowledge of legal space. The definition and skills needed for future lawyers would change therefore multi-disciplinary education would help them pivot their profile around these new-age jobs.

New and emerging topics of law

Technology in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – ADR and arbitration will increase as there are millions of unsolved-cases around the world specially in developing countries which has not gone for a single trial. This will increase the importance of ADR for solving cases efficiently. Already there are many online ADR platforms in various countries trying to solve backlog cases quickly. Internationalarbitration is another area which is going to take a lot of momentum because of increase inflow of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in countries and the corresponding legal complexities around it.

Antitrust Law

Antitrust law or competition law is another new and emerging field of law. It is extremely important for people involved in business to understand this law. The global marketplace is constantly faced with this threat of tremendous price war and competition. Therefore, it is important to understand why antitrust matters to business, how it can be enforced in global markets, and how it promotes innovation and better-quality products.

The above interesting multi-disciplinary areas and many more can be learned through learning modules of ACadru which helps students to develop 21st century skills to prepare themselves for jobs of the future. These learning modules are sufficient for any novice to overcome trying to understand the basics. Additionally, each course discusses what types of professions it is meant for. At the end of the course, there is a list of projects that the user can attempt to build skills for their CV.

There are other courses on the internet on legal topics, but none of them are free. For people who wish to explore their interests in these new laws before investing in expensive books or paid courses, this website is a boon for them. Even for novices, just attempting to learn something new, there is no better place to begin then these learning modules.

Additionally, it is great for confused school students and will help them choose their subjects wisely by discovering their interests through free courses. The courses are a gateway to new and innovative ideas and career goals. Each course has a list of a variety of professions that it is related to.

Acadru is a learning platform that is trying to bring about changes in learning that are much needed during such times. It has managed to make education more accessible, innovative, and interesting.

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