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Social Networking for making new Friends and Earn Money

Author: Use Allot
by Use Allot
Posted: Sep 15, 2020
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Incorporating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign of ‘Vocal for Local’ as we set off on a journey to become a self reliant country, we find UseAllot along the way. UseAllot is India’s 1st social network based company in India.

With all the trending social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, UseAllot is similar to them with sharing of media or posting pictures, but there is one difference which makes all the difference, it is an Indian company, made by Indians, operated by Indians and located in India.

With the advancement of technology, a lot of companies choose the online social media platforms to advertise, promote or market their products; for which UseAllot is perfect for. It is a good platform for promotion and marketing.

Providing a variety of services such as options for blogging, videos and many more it is an ideal and improved version of other social media platforms. UseAllot also gives opportunities for content writers and bloggers to write and post their content, gain followers and showcase their work. It allows people to connect to each other and stay updated on the latest news. UseAllot is also a great platform for influencers because of its various marketing tools and broad platform. It’s a free and safe platform for all of this.

UseAllot also offers a lot of internships for content writers and proofreaders which make them experience and grow at it and make money as well.

The strongest factor about UseAllot is that is the best platform for start-ups and small scale businesses which are usually not found on Instagram, because it is mainly focused on high-end brands. You can start and grow your business here with mainly Indian people as your followers, which mean you can promote according to the region.

UseAllot is available online as well as on Google Play store, with easy access and free download. It has an attractive and easy layout which means it’s also easy to access and also maintain an attractive visual. People are still working on it and coming up with new features every single day.

The best part about UseAllot is its Indian roots which benefit our country. The Make in India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has benefitted a lot of people, UseAllot being one of them. This initiative has helped a lot of companies grow. Making apps like UseAllot not only make India self-reliant it also provides a lot of jobs, hence curbing unemployment.

UseAllot is such an app which deserves to put under the spotlight and be used by whole of India.


UseAllot is a social media platform for India and made by Indians. It has a lot of features which is perfect for a lot of people.You can find it on the website: and it is also available on Google Play Store. This article will explain how and why and how to use this app made by an Indian.

The reasons are:

1-Can connect with people

This app has variety of features which allows any person to download without any cost and make a free account. Here you can post pictures and videos, share them with friends, gain followers. Users can use the find other friends option to find friends and people they know and follow them on this app. It gives the users the option to manage their pictures, find jobs and also play games.

2-A great platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups

UseAllot is a new and emerging app which is gives start-ups, entrepreneurs and small scales business a boost because of its marketing and promotion features. Users can grow and promote their companies and products on this app because of their broad marketing platform. They can also use this app for connecting with larger companies and make a way to work with them. Users can do this by clicking on options given such as marketplace, jobs etc.

3-A strong platform for content writers, influencers and bloggers

UseAllot is a great platform for blogging, content writers and influencer because of its wide range of choices over writing while providing a variety of tools for writing. Bloggers can write their content without any worry and express their passion for any topic, be it politics, education, entertainment or sports. Users can write just by clicking my articles or blogs option. It also provides a variety of writing tools for writer. Influencers on the other hand can sign up and gain a vast number of followers by posting about different content.

4-Users can earn money

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, by using UseAllot, users can earn money by promoting and monetising their products on the app. They can also use the jobs section for finding a job. UseAllot itself offers internships to people to experience the way to write content and learn.

5-Made by Indians, for Indians

There exist very less social media platforms which is Indian in its true nature. UseAllot is a rare app which is truly and fully Indian. It helps the economy, provides jobs and platforms for a variety of people. It contributes to India while other apps are usually western apps where India doesn’t gain any sort of profit from.

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Use Allot is an Indian 1st Social Networking based in India making new friends, making new friends you know talk with friends, share photos and videos, movies, TV Series, music, games, and groups. Join us now

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