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9 Architect Tools to Push All Projects Forward

Author: Ankit Kapoor
by Ankit Kapoor
Posted: Oct 25, 2020
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A soldier can't fight war without his weapons and it is also true for architects, they can't present their ideas and designs without proper tools.

An architect is a person who is on journey to take inspiration and put it down on his drawing board initially. Sometimes it's challenging, but it gives ultimate pleasure when he sees his design in the form of bricks.

Here are Some Tools for Architects to Drive them Through Process

1. Imagination

Without any imagination and vision, an architect can’t go on drawing board and start working. He needs inspiration from outside world and previous project either for home or landscaping designs to make his present project best.

2. Stationary

Now He required basic architect tools to begin his journey to draw a perfect design. An ‘L’ shape desk with 22’ big 36" to work comfortably.

Next come, measuring tools include triangular scales & compasses, a calculator, drafting dots. Set of architectural pens of high quality, cutting tools such as precision knives and straight edges.

3. Laser Distance Meter

A laser distance meter is a device helps in measuring distance very easily. It has remarkable accuracy with fast measurement to save time of an architect. Some meter also gives smart feature to calculate area and volume based on measured length, width & height.

4. An iPad

An architect needs an iPad to share his ideas and project details with all colleagues at work and client whom he is working for. It is like an assistant that connects all important people from office staff to social media architect forums.

5. High Resolution Camera

After putting all thousands of words into a blueprint, now he has to capture it with highly resolution camera to send it to his client. A high quality camera helps an architect to capture the project model with clear images of small details.

6. Drawing Storage Tubes

All the hours of day and night an architect put to draw the blueprint of the product. It’s time to store and secure all his efforts in the drawing storage tube.

7. Tea or Coffee

A person who is working day & night and to keep pushing all the projects forward, he needs tea or coffee. Nowadays, these things are getting popularity to an architect's desk.

8. A Large Squared Notebook

A notebook is a required for an architect so he can write or draw every single small detail important to the project. It will help him to do calculation, write thoughts before he hits the drawing board.

9. Architectural Model

An Architecture model is not only a physical representation of a structure but it also allows people to engage with the design and contribute to it, pointed out by the top architects in New Delhi event.

To make this cardboard model amazing, there should be perfect accuracy of angles, lines need to be straight and all small metrics which affects the design.

These are some important tools for an architect. Tell me, which tool is your favourite in the comment.

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Meet Ankit Kapoor, an interior design enthusiast, and part-time blogger. He has a mission to explore trending architectural and interior design ideas to the world through blogging and social media.

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