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Hire Indian Freelancers @Low Cost & Boost your Business

Author: Krishnendu Mukherjee
by Krishnendu Mukherjee
Posted: Nov 15, 2020
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Work with Freelancer- is much more convenient than full-time employees. Full-time employees require a lot of benefits as part of the basic amenities but as a startup, it might be difficult for you to provide a bunch of people space, systems, maintenance, and other benefits over and above the basic salary. But, things like these are not a problem when you search for freelancers and hire online. When you hire Freelancers India, you don’t promise them anything. Freelancer for startups does not ask for systems, internet, space, food or anything as such, in short, no extra benefits. It is indeed the best option for startups as the only relationship you have to maintain with your team of freelancers for startups is that of professionals.

Pay freelancers against their work. No means no work. Everything is very much project-based. There are no extra days that you as a Startup pay to work with a freelancer. No paying on holidays, weekends and sick days. No work means no pay but that doesn’t mean that you cannot practice deadlines. Both the biggest advantage and disadvantage of the whole thing is you are connected with your team through the Internet. While the whole process of hiring freelance workers, remote employees happen online starting from ‘post project to hire Indian freelancers Online’ to choosing and negotiating with the freelancer; the receiving process of your completed project and finally the last step- ‘pay freelancer’ is done online as well. While it can be a good thing given that managing office politics, system break, internet failure or purchasing software doesn’t remain your headache; imagine a day without an Internet connection.

The Internet connection plays a very big role in the remote segment, so shifting to a trustworthy connection with a backup is one of the most important things you need to fix before going remote. The message needs consideration by freelancers as well. Not having a connection for a day or even for a few working hours can badly hamper the deadline.

Hire Indian Freelancers @low Cost To boost your Business and Startup but, Finding True Talent or Professional Is Not An Easy Task. We intend to create an online forum / Platform, for all the Service providers and consumers (i..e.. Freelancers, Professionals, Artists, Home service, Teachers etc). In order to create opportunities for all the talents that wash away on a daily basis all across the globe. As finding true talent is not often referred to, as an "easy task" we wish to make it as easy as a "click'. Basically, we will connect our "service providers" to our "consumers" through our open source platform Rockerstop technologies Pvt Ltd ( Rockerstop ).

The options are many, feel like the owner of the throne, use your wisdom and choose what suits your requirement the best. Hiring a freelancing company or an expert freelancer, the choice depends on your needs. Just like the advantages of hiring freelancers outweighs the risk of bad connectivity, weigh the advantages and make the choice.

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Author: Krishnendu Mukherjee

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