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Food Packaging Importance During Pandemic

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Jan 21, 2021
food packaging

In times of Covid-19 Pandemic food packaging has become indispensable. Food packaging differs in the current situation such that it should be capable of thwarting deadly viruses as well as bacteria. These invisible microbes would create trouble if ingested into the body. There should be no possibility of impermeability such that the indefinitely small microbed are not able to wade in. The physical state of edibles being transported dictates the nature of packing and the raw material to be used to manufacture them.

The deadly pandemic has taken many lives all over the globe, and food is one of the carriers and weak covering in form of packaging can also transmit the deadly virus. This utility also acts as viable containers for short distance or long distance delivery. The carrying medium or transportation has to be kept in mind whether it is going to be transported via air, rail or road. Then take the climate into the picture, the technology changes as per the climatic conditions the challenge the products are going to face during transportation as well as during the storage. The duration of storage has to be kept in mind especially perishable consumer products that have to experience different seasons if the need arise.

The local supply chain also matters and the packing should be able to handle stress and strain associated with vehicular or hand transportation. Automated deliveries have to be taken into consideration. Manufacturers and packers of food materials usually design packaging in consultation with edible manufacturers and consultants in this industry.

Thus raw material development and use takes place keeping in mind the factors mentioned above. All this has posed a major technological challenge to scientists and researchers. Absolute faith in the product is not only through the process and quality, the associated hygiene has become very important. Easy handling is need of the hour keeping in mind the regular SOPs most of the food retailers and wholesalers indulge in.

But things do not face microbes only; the technology should assist in preservation as well as prevention. Another major benefit of packaging is its utility that during handling and transportation no damage to edibles should occur through leakage or minor transportation turbulence or mishaps.

As a matter of fact a number of technologies and developments affect packaging. The overall product development and demands also provide impetus to researchers and manufacturers of packaging material. In case of a product being outdated or in low demand the associated packaging also dies out.

Hence developers keep a futuristic eye for innovations that are taking place as well thry keep in mind the emerging technical developments associated with foods and beverages that are in demand. They have to be ready to deal with contemporary as well as perceived challenges the industry faces now and in the future.

Attractive packaging helps brand promotion as well as it attracts consumers. The technology and printing play a multifarious role in a process that seems so simple. Thus research and development regarding how we secure the food products is a constant process.

Visit a quality food packaging retailer and you see the diversity in the store. Learn about diverse raw materials used and the printing technology besides the visual attraction. All finished materials used as food packaging are available in a big stationery store in the neighbourhood. This is one place to learn about the materials used in edible packaging you consume often.

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