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Why Running Windows Updates is a Must

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Feb 05, 2021

Everyone has stories of when a Windows Update messed something up, but focusing on these anomalies is unfair as what is not possible to quantify is just how many occasions a Windows Update has preserved the security of your information, saved your computer from malfunctioning or otherwise enhanced your user experience. In other words, the work that Windows Updates do for you is largely invisible and can be frustrating, but as this article will show that does not make them any less essential.

Automatic updating in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Windows Updates will download and install automatically but if you want to schedule a pause for your updates you can do so, for a period of up to around 1 month. Of course, you can also make deeper changes that will completely suspend Windows Updates, but neither are recommended unless absolutely necessary. Of course you can also manually check for new updates, which as for all software is a good working habit, but should you forget it is good to know that Windows has your back, with its automatic updating, usually on the second Tuesday of each month – aka ‘patch Tuesday.’

How to check what is in the latest updates

This is the Microsoft page that lets users know what the latest updates have done in terms of implementing fixes, aesthetic changes and other ways in which they have strived to boost user experience and security.

Fundamental for Security

Windows OS is made up of code that is constantly probed for weaknesses and loopholes by hackers and can also develop incompatibilities as other software is updated. Windows releases security patches to deal with all of this and these are vital to keep your system secure. Shaun Wilders from Cultrix, a leading IT support company in the UK, says "Your antivirus software, no matter how robust cannot sufficiently protect you if there are Windows security issues."

If you fail to install the latest Windows security patches then you could risk data loss, damaged software and even identity theft. Malware is big business and you need all the tools at your disposal to counteract the threat.

Why do Windows Updates sometimes cause problems?

We’ve all experienced issues after an update, from printers mysteriously needing to be reinstalled, to USB hubs not working. There is a very simple reason for this. There are so many different unique systems and software configurations out there all running on Windows. It is impossible to test every combination and sometimes a Windows Update will highlight an issue with software or a particular driver. There is always a fix, however and the inconvenience is nothing compared to what could happen if you don’t carry out the updates.

To update or not to update? That is the question, or a question at least. It has been the basis for many heated discussions over the years, but the answer boils down to risk. At the very heart of Windows Updates is security and you need to ask yourself whether your annoyance at any quirk that an update may throw up is greater than the worst case scenario involved in a security breach. I’d wager it is not.

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