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4 Common Mistakes that New Rocket League Players Do

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Mar 14, 2022

Rocket League can be a difficult game to grasp, especially for new players. In this article, Pro MB Gaming discuss 4 common errors that you should avoid.

Camera Shake

This is a setting that can be found in your camera settings. Unfortunately, Rocket League have this setting turned on for all new players, so it is something you must turn off yourself. No one knows why they have not disabled this feature yet.

What does it do? When your car contacts the ball, your camera will shake. This does not only become annoying, but it can limit your gameplay as you may not be able to contact the ball as cleanly as you like.


FPS stands for Frames Per Second and it is another common mistake that lies within your settings. This error only applies for PC players. If you play on console, then you will find you cannot adjust your FPS. This is because it is automatically set to 60 FPS.

The common mistake Pro MB Gaming spot when playing on customers accounts are that PC players do not have their FPS maxed. Even if you do not have the best PC, it does not hurt to max your potential FPS in your video settings.

For example, let’s say your PC can run at 200 FPS on average so you set your FPS setting at 200. However, at times it might be capable at reaching 220. Therefore, by capping your FPS at 200, you are losing our on potential better performance.

Ball Chasing

Ball chasing is something we have all done but it is about acknowledging it. If you do not know you are ball chasing, then there is a serious problem. Quite often players blame their teammate when they were the one ball chasing.

How to know if you are ball chasing? The best method is to save a replay. Ideally from a game you just lost. Then watch over the game. It does not have to be from your perspective, but it can be from your teammates view. Whilst watching the replay, ask yourself these questions: Are you cutting in front of your teammate? Have you gone for a ball that was not yours? Are you hitting the ball without any purpose?


Managing your boost is an important factor in the game. Boost allows you to beat your opponents to the ball, generate more power, get in the air and many more. The list could go on.

You may already know that a large boost pad regenerates you with 100 boost whilst a small pad gives you 12 boost. Therefore, many new players find themselves constantly going for the large pads. As much as the large pads are the quickest method to reaching full boost, they can often put yourself out of the play. Each large boost pad are located around the edges of the pitch meaning you often have to be careful when to collect one.

Small boost pads are located all over the middle of the pitch so collecting as many of these not only gives you enough boost for your next passage of play but it also puts you in a better position.

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