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Major Innovation at Gulfood Dubai Over the Last Few Years

Author: Tradologie Portal
by Tradologie Portal
Posted: Feb 20, 2021
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GULFOOD IN DUBAI has always been a hotbed of innovation for the food & beverage industry. There is the slightest chance of exploring the same set of innovation every passing year. GULFOOD 2021 DUBAI will be hosting some of the finest innovations again this year.

Some of the key innovative trends for the last few years are listed below-Fake Meat Production: In reality, there is nothing as something called as fake meat. There has been major investment by leading meat processors and others reflecting on aggressive strategy of meat imitation as the new normal. Large meat processors like Smithfield, Tyson, Unilever, Kellogg and Maple Leaf are among the firms introducing new meat fake -ups or tie-up in the recent months. The move is a result of change in preference and a major shift towards FLEXITARIAN diets. Both imitation meat and meat substitutes have seen an increasing level of NPD as more and more percentage of population follow vegan, vegetarian and FLEXITARIAN diet. Imitation meat or fake meat is essentially protein derived from a plant based product rather than animal.Still Nuts For Coconut: Coconut's popularity continues to rise both as an ingredient and a flavor in any new food or drinks launches. Coconut popularity can be attributed to its ability to ride the wave of changing dietary pattern from high protein to free-form and plant-based protein especially in dairy alternative spaces. Many food categories depend heavily on it as an ingredient because of multiple virtues. The product is continuing its popularity as a health oriented snack and key ingredients in dairy free ice-creams.

Water, Water Everywhere: Fascination towards pared back drinks is turning everything to water from a new breed of alcoholic seltzers and water based FAB's to flavored mineral waters which depends on the power of scent alone. Artificial flavors are also getting replaced by influx of fruits, herbs and other botanicals for seeking natural, earthy flavor blends. In the UK, Balans Aqua Spritz from Kopparberg is a low-calorie, low-abv flavored water with a fermented apple juice base. Szent, a US innovation, imparts the experience of flavor through a 'fragrance ring' in the neck of the bottle.

Plastic Peril: Under immense and sustained pressure, the issue of plastic peril has been grabbing the attention of consumer good firms, campaign group and regulators. Wrapper-less, re-usable packaging of various kinds and bio-plastics have started to gain acceptance worldwide. More and more firms are endeavoring to reduce the plastic use. However, still a lot needs to be done on a wider scale. Waitrose's compostable ready meal trays and Olay Whips skincare refills are among recent examples of FMCG firms using innovation to respond to concern about packaging waste (particularly plastic waste), and its impact on the environment.

Gulfood is one of the largest exhibitions for the food and beverages industry. Started in 1987, Gulfood soon emerges to be the best exhibition platform that caters to buyers, sellers, chefs, and other agro commodities experts under one umbrella. It provides ample opportunity for both buyers and sellers alike to boost their business by encouraging interactions with current and potential customers. Buyers will have the opportunity to explore the best brands for a specific industry. Sellers receive a group of authentic buyers under the same roof.

The event will be organized at Dubai World Trade Centre with all zeal and zest from 21st -25th February 2021. The Gulfood Timings for the events shown below:

Sunday, 21 February 11 am - 5 pmMonday, 22 February 10 am - 5 pm Tuesday, 23 February 10 am - 5 pmWednesday, 24 February 10 am - 5 pmThursday, 25 February 10 am - 4 pm

It possesses 54% of world food varieties of the world. Out of which 10% products are beverages, 9% are power brands products, 8% products are pulses/cereals & grains, 6% are dairy products, 6% are meat & poultry, 5% products are health & wellness, and 2% products are fats and oils.

Meanwhile, there would be a significant decline in sales forecasted in 2021 due to the post-Covid world. The restrictions applied by the Dubai World Trade Center as a precautionary step to avoid outbreaks are reasons to few.

One needs to visit the Gulfood website to gather a Gulfood pass to participate in the event. Gulfood Registration process requires passes or Tickets that cost up to 100 AED(27.23 USD) a day, while 300 AED(81.68 USD) for five days. Booking an open space stand to exhibit or sell products costs in Gulfood 2021 around AED 2520 square per meter (approx. 686.09 USD).

More than 5000 suppliers from 198 different countries will be attending the event. Out of which, 78% of exhibitors believe that Gulfood is the right choice to promote the business. 67% of exhibitors are potential new buyers. 53% of the exhibitors feel that Gulfood is a gateway to the emirates market.

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