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Here’s 8 Moving-Abroad Checklist For You To Consult (Updated 2021)

Author: Garry Thompson
by Garry Thompson
Posted: Apr 22, 2021

Moving abroad is a thing that changes the life of a person in a 360 degree way. It will prove to be one of the most memorable experiences in the life of a person. However, since moving abroad is something that will substantially affect the life of a person, it is necessary to look before one leaps. It is necessary that the concerned person prepares for this exciting new phase of her life well in advance.

Here is a comprehensive moving across checklist. Make sure you tick all the boxes before embarking on your life-changing journey.

Moving Abroad Checklist (Updated 2021)

1. Check The Pandemic Situation

After the pandemic, every country has formulated some dos and don’ts for people coming from different parts of the world. Make sure you follow the new healthcare rules of the country you are headed to. Here are some of the things that every international removalist will ask you to take care of -

  • Ensure that you have a health certificate showing that you are not suffering from Covid-19.
  • Make sure that your vaccination papers are there with you all the time.
  • Some countries will require you to stay in quarantine after you land. So make sure you have all the resources with you.
  • Buy more than enough protective kits from your home country itself.
  • Keep in constant touch with the international moving company you are taking the help of.

2. Be Relocation-Ready Psychologically

Rona Hart, in her book - Preparing for Your Move Abroad, asks, "Where are your mental suitcases?" You might be moving abroad because of better job opportunities or because of your family members. Whatever be the case, make sure that you embrace the change. Make sure that you don’t get bogged down seeing a different culture, weather, roads, and whatnot. Have a positive attitude towards relocation. Ask your international removalist for advice in this regard.

3. Take Care Of Tax

Confusion regarding tax implications is one of the significant issues that people intending to relocate face. Make sure you take the help of a tax consultant to understand the tax implications for the income that you will be still generating from your resources in the home country. Also, when you step into a foreign country, take the help of a local tax consultant there as well.

4. Keep The Documents Ready & Updated

When we say documents, we mean ALL of them. From your birth certificate to your employment docs, from your marriage certificate to your financial and insurance documents. You never know which one might the authorities require. Oh, and organizing your medical records is a must.

5. Research On The Insurance Packages

Keeping yourself and your family protected in the new county is a matter of utmost importance. Make sure that you are aware of the health and life insurance options available in a foreign country. Along with that, opt for travel insurance before you leave your homeland. The international moving company can give you informed inputs in this regard.

6. Plan For Your Accommodation Well In Advance

Imagine standing stranded in a foreign country with no place to stay. That would be the last thing you would want. So plan for your accommodation. Even if the company you work for is providing you with accommodation, it is advisable to book temporary accommodation as you might not be able to move into your designated accommodation on day one.

7. Don’t Forget Your Paw-Friend

Research beforehand if the type of pet that you have is allowed to enter into the country where you are heading. You should also know whether the weather in the new place will suit your pet. Complete all the vaccinations of your pet before you embark.

8. Apply For Visa and Passport

Obviously, this should be on your checklist. Each country has different Visa rules. Make sure you are aware of these rules. Make sure your passport is valid for several months to come.

What The Redditors Are Saying

The Redditors have some spot-on advice to help you make the moving abroad checklist -

  • Pauley says that you must make sure that while logging in you have the option to send the OTPs (verification text messages) to your mail address. It might be possible that the phone number you use to receive OTPs might not receive reception.
  • Han_byul advises canceling all the recurring payments that are on auto-pay before you leave your home country.
  • Pinkrhubarb86 says that you must check whether the medicines you take are available in the country you are about to settle. If not, make the habit of taking the alternative ones that are available in the new country - well in advance.
Choosing A Dependable International Moving Company

Moving abroad can be daunting. However, you can pass on a lot of hassle to the shoulders of an International Removalist. The best international moving company will assign you a ‘relocation manager’ who will take care of the paperwork, schedule the important activities, handle the logistics part, provide you with legal consultation, provide insurance and health care packages specifical for the country you are moving in… The list goes on.

A good international moving company plays an important part to make your relocation process smooth.

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