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Best place to Visit In Istanbul

Author: Hk Gupta
by Hk Gupta
Posted: Apr 20, 2021
sultan ahmed

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is the hub of Turkey’s cultural, economic, and historic places and several UNESCO world heritage sites. Istanbul is also a very important city in history and has a very rich history. Istanbul is a cent of the silk road and is known as Byzantion. Istanbul is one of the best places you can visit in turkey. Let’s see some amazing places in Istanbul turkey. If you want to visit Istanbul turkey you can easily book your Turkey visa online in just three simple steps by clicking here.

1 Hagia Sophia Museum

Istanbul is famous for its Hagia Sophia Museum or Mosque. In history, it was encountered with lots of changes from church to the mosque and then museum. Today it has become one of the most popular tourist places in Istanbul, Turkey. Every year more than 3.7 million people visit to experience this amazing and world’s largest monument. If you get a chance to visit Istanbul take the time to visit the Hagia Sophia Museum it has magnificent design and examples of historical events and architecture.

2 Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

Your trip is never complete without visiting this great sultan Ahmed mosque is also known as The Blue Mosque. Because its interior is designed with blue marble and artifacts. Sultan Ahmad Mosque is a very amazing place if you want to go there to use full clothes like full pants do not wear shorts. If you don’t have don’t worry they provide free clothing to visit in The blue mosque. Those clothes are free and you have to return them when you complete your visit to Sultan Ahmed mosque. Because of 20,000 blue marble arts which are used to design and build the Sultan Ahmed mosque. This is the reason to call this sultan Ahmed mosque The blue mosque. The blue mosque has an amazing architectural design you have to visit there and analyze and enjoy the Turkish culture. If you are planning to visit Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul Turkey book your online turkey visa here

3 Bosporus Amazing place to visit in Istanbul

By visiting this amazing bosporus bay in Istanbul, you will see and experience the whole of Istanbul in a panoramic view. You can book a luxury cruise to enjoy the bosporus or you just get a ticket to simple fare to enjoy it’s all your matter of choice. But you will enjoy your Bosphorus trip to Istanbul. After or before your cruise or boat trip of bosporus you can enjoy your delicious meal at restaurants with the magnificent view of Bosphorus Istanbul turkey. It doesn’t matter which time you go to the bosporus it was always amazing day or night. But their night time is very precious to see amazing lighted bosporus bridges I & II both are lighted and create an amazing view to see. And also the Bosporus is one of the busiest coastal areas in the world. Each year 48000 ships, vessels, and cruises make their way from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and vice versa.

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4 Basilica Cistern

If you are in the Sultan Ahmed area in Istanbul, you don’t want to miss this amazing Basilica Cistern place to visit. It is just a walking distance from the Hagia Sophia Museum. It is one of the old underground water storage places built by Emperor Justinian in 532. This is the source of water for the palace at that time. They use amazing tricks to find a solution for water cleanliness and the threat of poison in water which can be used as a weapon to harm people. By just adding some fishes in that Basilica Cistern water storage.

This place is very cool which saves you from the hot summertime in Istanbul. You will see the 336 pillars which support the Basilica Cistern. The fun fact is that none of the pillars are made to use for basilica cistern. They just took pillars from different places and used them at the basilica cistern.

You may be wondering what is the source of water for the Basilica Cistern. Simple the water comes from the water distribution center in the Belgrade Forest. This amazing place is forgotten for years and no one knows it exists but somehow it was discovered by the Frenchman Peter Gyllius in 1545. He found that some people are fishing from the hole and using fresh water in the middle of the city. Now we can visit this amazing Basilica Cistern place and enjoy the history. And feel the greatness of what humans can do at that time.

Remember to see the medusa face which you can find on the last left-hand side. Here you will find two medusa faces, the first one is upside down and the second one is horizontally and both are used as a base for pillars. It was a mystery how and why the heads are used like that.

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