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How to boost E-commerce sales by aligning your SEO and PPC campaign.

Author: Guru Chavan
by Guru Chavan
Posted: Apr 29, 2021

How to boost E-commerce sales by aligning your SEO and PPC campaign.

Pandemic has increased the online shopping preference due to the COVID-19 plan for consumers. This initially increased the e-commerce platform demands and also more of e-commerce business competition. It's more comfortable about the contact-free service of e-commerce when people are spending time at home as they want to stay safe than that of general shopping.

We know how you eagerly want to gain good growth to your client's e-commerce and thus we Bricks Media one of the known digital marketing agency in thane has made this article with all the required tips by aligning your SEO and PPC campaigns. We have shared this with proper research and ongoing practices of our SEO Experts team and also with a tag of best SEO agency in Thane.

One more thing about e-commerce shopping is the classified category sections available. This makes consumers more sufficiently get their decided products and just with easy surfing.

This adds a very good opportunity to boost your e-commerce and that will happen with SEO and PPC campaigns.

Brands need to understand how getting the target audience on their site is an important task in this scenario and to understand what their audience is looking for that will directly help them decide what they will click.

Clicks on Search engines are the needs of customers and that is what brands should work on.

Let's know how SEO is beneficial to E-commerce?

Search engine optimization is a low-hanging berry for e-commerce websites. Although SEO has the greatest ROI of any e-commerce marketing campaign. SEO just claims effort upfront and once you rank, you effectively gain traffic on autopilot with no recurring cost. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the controlled technique of optimizing your website around particular keywords to rank higher in search results, such as Google.

The best e-commerce SEO tactics include:

  • Keyword research to discover the varieties of keywords consumers are searching for.

  • Site building based on your keyword research.

  • On-Page SEO by important keyword optimization in meta trademarks and content.

  • Technical SEO to aid assures search engines can crawl your site efficiently.

  • Local SEO to boost the drive of local organic traffic.

  • Content marketing to make additional organic visitors.

  • Link Building to improve the authority of your website.

  • Measuring SEO Progress with engines like Google Analytics and Ahrefs.

If you are the best market for a consumer to buy and you do your SEO study accurately then you will maintain the top ranks.

Let's know how PPC is beneficial to E-commerce?

There are several benefits of PPC advertising. PPC toward e-commerce, rather e-commerce PPC, is an online advertising approach that serves an online store and its stocks by PPC ads. Those ads advertise on search engines, social media channels, and websites. PPC for eCommerce runs great for generating sales because it targets ready-to-buy customers. It can have a significant and convincing impression on businesses and brands.

If you aren’t performing any PPC marketing, you’re missing out on valuable traffic and revenue. PPC can help you obtain a vast number of business and marketing goals which vary from high-level brand appearance and small level too. Almost any kind of progress goal can be tracked.

The main advantage of PPC advertising operated through Google Ads is that it’s easy to measure and track.

Use the Google Ads tool in sequence with Google Analytics.

You’ll see high-level performance specifications, including responses, clicks, and conversions.

There’s no puzzle to your PPC review.

  1. How does PPC for e-commerce work?

PPC for e-commerce is pretty reasonable. There are some steps you’ll require to know before launching a campaign,

Ad creation

Ad creation is very simple for most e-commerce PPC campaigns. These ads tend to be smaller and are typically made up of a headline, a few lines of ad copy, and in some cases, an image.

Keyword selection

You select which keywords will trigger your ad and the search results as per your brand.


Once your ad is created and your keywords are selected, you can choose how much you’re active to "bid" to have your ad promoted. A high-volume striking keyword that many businesses are targeting, will demand you to pay more per click than you would for lower volume keywords.

Hence, PPC for e-commerce goes well as it suits appropriately with that structure.

How to align your SEO and PPC campaign?

SEO and PPC have alike added systems to act together. PPC and SEO are both massively dependent on keyword optimization for relevant searches. But, since PPC campaigns create instant results, advertisers can collect keywords that have shown to be effective and transfer that information along to SEO teams to optimize pages for enhanced visibility and traffic.

Align Your PPC & SEO Efforts to Drive More Conversions:

  1. Share Keyword Research to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns. Keywords are the basis for any successful SEO or PPC campaign.

  2. Use Data & Reporting from SEO to Your PPC Campaigns.

  3. Compare Creative Messaging.

  4. Estimate Top Performing Paid Keywords & Use Them to Your SEO Efforts.


PPC is a paid ad that has effective instant results whereas SEO is an organic way of growing and reaching the target audience and with the above-mentioned steps, they work well together.

All the marketers are stuck at the same stage right now. With several choices over platforms, now is easy to go creative and set together ads for paid search and organic way that relish your audience and address directly to their views.

If you want expert assistance to your e-commerce, connect with Bricks Media.

Hope you gain the most of the effective results.

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