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How to Prepare Your Child for Montessori Preschool?

Author: Colors at Danton Montessori
by Colors at Danton Montessori
Posted: May 29, 2021
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A time will come when your toddler will go out to socialize with other kids in the school. This can get overwhelming because it is a start of a new journey for both the parent and the child.

Being a parent, you must groom your child beforehand with good behavior and manners. After all, everyone counts on a child who knows how to be thankful to their playmates.

Preparing your children for Preschool care in Mississauga Montessori School also leaves an impact on the child’s psychology. Some children enjoy being out, while others develop anxious behavior on separation from parents.

To make sure your child continues with positivity in their new journey, here are 5 ways you can prepare them for the transition with Preschool and Childcare Programs in Mississauga.

  • Make them visit the school and teachers ahead of time
  • One reason behind the degrading performance of children in school is unfamiliarity with the place and people. They see everything new in school – from playmates to playgrounds, teachers. It is quite natural for the little one to not feel at home.

    When your child will visit the school premises of Preschool and Childcare Programs in Mississauga with their parent, it helps them develop a bond of trust and support. They familiarize with the surroundings, classrooms, and teachers in a way similar to visiting a new place.

  • Buy School supplies with your child
  • Take your child while buying their school supplies. Make them pick up the best pencil they find in the shop. Picking up the stationary of their choice will keep up the excitement till the first day at Preschool and Childcare Programs in Mississauga.

  • Talk more about school
  • Now is the time when you have to be realistic to your kid about school. Open up. Talk to them about socializing with other kids, sharing lunch, obedience, politeness, and honesty. Alongside, share the fun parts to keep them eager to be at school and learn new things.

  • Be away from your child for sometime
  • It might be heart-wrenching at the first time! But while you are leaving your innocent tot with a trustworthy person, you are preparing them to be responsible on the first day of school.

    Start by leaving them for few hours to a friend or other members of the family. But every time, make sure that you are returning within the said time.

  • Teach them some independent skills
  • Realistically speaking, independent skills go a long way in life. Your child is about to begin their journey with Preschool care in Mississauga. Teach them to become self-sufficient and independent. For example, teaching how to open the lunchbox would be a great start.


    When you are preparing your little one with these tips, remember to take good care of their physical health. Try not to stress them with this transition. Instead, if you feel your child is being nervous, try to divert them with anything they love to do!

    Also, make your child wake up early and be on time. Offer parental support at your best because your child needs you now! Good luck.

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    CAD Montessori and Childcare’s programs are reflective of the need to provide stimulating experiences for children that help them develop mentally and physically.

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