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Reasons Why Your Kirana Store Needs a Makeover

Author: Orderhood In
by Orderhood In
Posted: Jun 11, 2021
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Kirana stores are quickly emerging at a time when consumers are still hesitant to buy online. They use a consumerist attitude and have a modern design. It has become more competitive since the development of alternative commerce. ORDERHOOD is reinforcing different methods for the Kirana stores in order to reach out to more consumers and enhance sales through alternative commerce.

In the digital era, no matter what type of company or product is thriving, it can be attributed to the power of technology and the internet. Additionally, social media may be used to wow your consumers and entice them to shop at neighbourhood local storesThe store can be located anywhere, whether it is an online marketplace or a brick-and-mortar Kirana stores in your neighbourhood. In Local Stores or the Kirana stores, a consumer can WhatsApp his or her needs to the shop owner and subsequently pick up his or her groceries at his or her leisure. This is a simple example of the click and collect shopping method.

Some new consumers will receive the same service from the shop owner, while others may receive different treatment. Although approaches to drawing in new customers will change, luring consumers to your store will remain an ongoing challenge. An omnichannel strategy provides consumers with additional alternatives at every available point of contact and enables business owners to innovate and increase sales at every possible level.

In this day and age, the consumer is open to any method till he is completely satisfied with the quality of the goods and gets the finest buying experience.

ORDERHOOD picking up pace in order to help consumers buy items such as groceries, medicines and find other relevant services fromlocal shops located near to them and even get the home delivery of the items they have purchased. ORDERHOOD is one of it's kind android app available in Google Play Store which is designed specifically for consumers. It helps in finding the essential products and services within the city. The Local stores/Kirana stores which are registered on Google can be found on the app. Users can order the desired product from the shops/stores listed on the app.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why neighbourhood Kirana or local storesstruggle to attract new customers and increase sales. ORDERHOOD comes to rescue by leveraging a way which is beneficial for both consumers as well as neighbourhood stores in your area. Orderhood brings neighbourhood shops such as Kirana stores for groceries, Pharmacy stores to buy essentials for deceased patients. Many times it is seen that neighbourhood stores remain a viable option during emergencies. ORDERHOOD provides a modern and convenient application for ordering products from your neighbourhood stores. It also helps in overcoming the obstacles faced by Local Stores, Kirana businesses in your area.

Despite the up rise in supermarkets and eCommerce the growth of online grocery stores remains inevitable. Kirana stores/local shopsis still a preferable option for the majority of Indians since these stores are meant to be the "heart of hyper-local". Needless to say, the growing organised groceries retail sector has already sublimed the existing Kirana businesses in terms of volumes, profits.

Kiranas played a critical role during COVID-19's lockdown, evolving into the "new supermarket." Despite the fact that consumers were obliged to shop online because of the lockdown and coronavirus mitigation protocols, the e-commerce industry was seriously impacted as it was not considered a necessary service (and could not deliver goods).

To look at how to encourage small retailers to use digital technologies and to incorporate them in the ecosystem of neighbourhood shopping. It delves into the Kirana stores hegemony in India's retail sector and concerns about technology adoption. As well as looking at the different roles in helping to facilitate the digitization ofKirana stores, ORDERHOOD finds a good place in helping neighbourhood stores as well as end-user consumers with product fulfilment.

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