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Things You Need To Know About Hanging Art

Author: Gallery Systems
by Gallery Systems
Posted: Jul 11, 2021
hanging art

Empty walls do not make a house feel like home. It is the display of photos, images, and artworks reflecting your personality and style that gives a personal touch to the house. However, you might feel hanging art to be quite a stressful challenge. Hanging artworks and images requires a lot of time and planning, but the task is not as daunting as it seems if done correctly. Here is a guide that can help you present your artwork in the best way possible!

How to Hang Your Art?

When hanging art on a plain wall or in relation to certain pieces of furniture, consider the following:

1.Height of hanging art on a wall

When hanging images, it is important to take into account the height. The artworks must be displayed at eye level to ensure people do not have trouble viewing them. On average, the standard height for hanging art is 57 inches (1.45 m). Also, it is advisable to hang art using its center.

Once you have measured 57 inches from the floor, mark the same on the wall using a pencil. Next, you must evaluate the focal point of the artwork you wish to display and divide the measurement into two. For instance, if your artwork is 24 inches tall, the focal point would be 12 inches. Now measure the top of the image to the hanging wire or the hook that will hold it in place. Subtract the number found with the focal point. For example, if the hanging wire is 10 inches tall, you will subtract 12 inches by 10 inches to receive 2 inches. Using this new number, measure the 57-inch mark. This is the point where your hanger will be placed.

2.Hanging art considering the furniture

The eye level rule does not work when you have to hang pictures and photos with pieces of furniture. Usually, people place artworks at a height of 6-8 inches above the furniture item. For instance, if you want to place a photograph on a wall on which a couch rests, measure 6-8 inches from the top of the couch. The artwork you wish to display should also match the overall space of the room and the furniture. A small art frame over a very long couch would look quite out of place. Instead, single large artwork or many small artworks can be placed to give a complete look.

What you need to know about hanging art

1.Space Considerations

Depending on the space, the number and size of images can be determined. Space considerations are an essential element as ignorance of space can reduce the effect of an artwork to a great extent. Apart from the area available, you must also pay attention to the lighting and the surroundings.

2.The framing

Do you want the artwork to be the focal point or you want to blend it with the other elements in the room? The answer to this question will have a bearing on the framing of your artworks. If you want to give a balanced and neutral look, black or white frames are preferred. If you want to create a dramatic effect with the artwork as the focal point, ornate frames can be used. Also, in the case of hanging multiple artworks on the same wall, it is better to frame them in a consistent way. For instance, use the same frame color for all.

3.Cohesive spacing

The spacing between two artworks adjacent to each other is an important consideration. Ideally, there should be equal space between all frames on a single wall.

4.The composition of multiple artworks

There are numerous ways you can arrange your artwork. The layout can be a collage-like composition or in vertical and horizontal straight lines. Using picture hanging systems is a good option if you want to change the arrangement in the future or experiment more with the composition.

5.The method for hanging art

You can either go the traditional way of drilling holes in the walls and hanging images on nails. Another option would be to use a gallery system that can make hanging art free of hassles. In

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